When should my supplement label say “Made in the USA”?

Not unlike the term “natural,” defining what “Made in the USA” actually means for dietary supplements can prove a tad challenging. As long as the global marketplace continues to become more connected and products manufactured on American soil continue to incorporate ingredients and supplies sourced from around the world – the discussion concerning what actually defines a dietary supplement product as “Made in the USA” is likely to continue. Continue reading

Ingredient Spotlight: Pine Bark Extract

Even though pine bark has garnered the nutraceutical industry’s attention (on-and-off) for more than a decade and a half, in recent weeks this up and coming dietary supplement ingredient has experienced an impressive upswing in coverage. Continue reading


Are you making this dietary supplement flavoring mistake?

You’re there. You know exactly what the next supplement in your product line will be. At this point you’ve got everything that you could possibly need – a high-quality formula, you’re ideal contract manufacturer, product packaging and labels – everything. On top of it all, your new supplement product is flavored perfectly. It’s got an out of the box flavor that tastes great. What more could you possibly need? Continue reading


Delivery Basics: Dietary Supplement Capsules, Tablets & Powders

You’ve established all of your key ingredients, you know which certifications you’d like it to have – two undeniably important factors – but have you settled on the delivery method? Finding the best delivery method for your product influences everything from the bioavailability and efficacy of its ingredients to cost per unit. Continue reading

CoQ10-Coenzyme-Q10 (1)

Supplement Ingredient Spotlight: CoQ10

No matter which name you choose to call it by – CoQ10, Coenzyme Q10, Ubiquinone, or Ubiquinol  – over the last 60 years this supplement ingredient has grown into one of the most immediately recognizable dietary supplements on the market today.
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Top Supplement Types (According To Supplement Users) in 2016 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Earlier this month, we took a closer look at the data from Council for Responsible Nutrition’s (CRN’s) latest Supplement Consumer Survey. Every year, CRN offers up some incredible supplement insights. What’s our favorite tidbit? The list of that year’s most popular supplements (as taken and chosen) by current supplement users. Continue reading

Aging Gracefully - Supplements for Active Seniors

Aging Healthy: 3 Supplements for Active Seniors

Along with their millennial counterparts, seniors and baby boomers account for an impressive portion of the dietary supplement consuming population. When compared to past generations, baby boomers place significant value on aging healthily.

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CRN’s Supplement OWL Has Started Accepting Product Labels

In a little less than a year since the initiative was first announced, the Council for Responsible Nutrition’s (CRN’s) Supplement OWL, short for Online Wellness Library, has started taking supplement label submission. Continue reading

Adaptogens - 2017's Next Dietary Supplement Trend?

Is this the next big trend in supplement ingredients?

Adaptogens. They’re a unique family of herbs and ingredients that despite some impressive differences, have been found by researchers and consumer to share one interesting common trait. The big question on everyone’s mind? Does this emerging category have what it takes to become one of the defining supplement trends of 2017?

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