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Contract Supplement Manufacturing Industry Trends for 2020

Last updated: January-5,2021

2020 Contract Supplement Manufacturing Trends Q&A with Vin Tricarico

As part of its January/February 2020 issue, Nutritional Outlook's Editor-In-Chief, Jennifer Grebow, sat down with several nutraceutical executives to learn more about the 2020 contract supplement manufacturing trends they felt would reign supreme. One member of the distinguished panel was our very own Vice President of Contract Manufacturing and 20-year industry veteran, Vin Tricarico. The following article includes a few excerpts pulled from the interview.

[NO] Can you pinpoint a few top-line product trends your company expects to see grow in the coming year? Also, are there specific health product markets you expect will be especially active in 2020?

[VT] We expect the popularity of clean flavor systems for powders to continue in 2020. We’ve also seen more brands successfully enter the beauty-from-within and sports nutrition categories in 2019, and there’s no sign of that trend slowing down over the next 12 months. The primary reason why these brands are doing so well is because they’ve learned to successfully leverage social media platforms, specifically Instagram. Lastly, sleep and memory products should continue to thrive next year.

[NO] Are there any novel delivery formats you expect to see more requests for in 2020?

[VT] While I wouldn’t categorize it as being ‘novel’ so much these days, all of the industry data we’ve reviewed suggest that gummy vitamins will continue to gain traction as manufacturing becomes more consistent, lead times become more manageable, and consumer demand for this dose form continues to increase.

[NO] Are there any specific packaging or labeling trends you expect to be especially popular in 2020?

[VT] Along the same lines as ingredients, less will be more when it comes to nutraceutical packaging and labeling trends in 2020. Clean- and simple-looking labels with a matte finish will unquestionably stand out on a product shelf. We also believe there will be a transition away from traditional bottles and more demand for gusset bags, sachets, and packets. Consumers these days tend to purchase products from companies/brands that place a priority on sustainability and reducing their footprint—even if it means spending a few extra dollars.

2020 Contract Supplement Manufacturing Trends - Infographic

The full contract supplement manufacturing trends interview can be found in the January-February 2020 issue of Nutritional Outlook.


February 28th, 2020

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