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3 Myths About Contract Manufacturing Supplements

3 Myths About Contract Manufacturing Supplements

The world of dietary supplement contract manufacturing is an interesting one – to say the least. For industry newcomers, finding the right contract manufacturer to meet your supplement needs can be a challenge.

In an effort to clear the air, we're tackling three of the most popular (and pervasive) dietary supplement contract manufacturing myths.

3 Dietary Supplement Contract Manufacturing Myths

Myth #1: The lowest price is the best price.Contract Manufacturing Fact: The best price isn't always the lowest one.

Especially for first-time brand owners, price can be an incredibly important sticking point when it comes to choosing the right contract manufacturer for your dietary supplement product.

With most things in this world, you tend to get what you pay for – and contract manufacturing is no exception! While price is always an important factor to consider, there are other elements of a manufacturer's service package that may justify a slightly higher price point.

Additional factors you may want to consider when evaluating a manufacturer's quote:

  • What certifications do they have? Moreover, what certifications can they get for your product(s)?
  • How's their account management and customer service? Will they be giving you, your company, and your products individualized attention?
  • Do they have the resources and experience needed to help you and your business avoid issues before they happen? And the know-how to help you work through any issues that do come up?

These are just three out of the dozens of elements worth considering when evaluating a contract manufacturer's cost.

What's a simple and effective way to figure out what a manufacturer will be able to offer? Ask them questions. A manufacturer should always be willing to take the time to work through your questions and concerns with you.

Myth #2: A bigger manufacturer will be able to get me better margins and craft a better product.Manufacturing_Myths_Quality_Tested

Not unlike the truth behind Myth #1, when it comes to Myth #2 you can't always judge a book by its cover. Every manufacturer is unique, and as a result there is no "one size fits all" way to distinguish the good from the great.

When vetting manufacturers, taking the time to ask questions, understand the services they offer – understand what sets them apart – and to ultimately compare all of your potential choices based on those answers is worth the time and effort.

Myth #3: With the right manufacturer, everything will work out perfectly.Manufacturing_Myths_Perfect

No two production runs are exactly the same, and while the right manufacturer should be able to offer you and your business consistency – no one can guarantee perfection (nor should anyone claim that they can guarantee perfection).

While accuracy and attention to detail are incredibly valuable, knowing that your manufacturer will be able to work with you and your business to navigate through any issues that do occur can be just as (if not more) important.

The Takeaway

Choosing the right contract manufacturer for your dietary supplement product is all about taking the time to vet each of the candidates on your list.

July 27th, 2016

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