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3 Tips for Growing Your Supplement Brand in 2017

Last updated: February-9,2021

3 Simple and Effective Ways to Grow Your Supplement Brand

As hard work and dedication (not luck) would have it, it has been a fantastic year for you and your supplement company. With only a few weeks standing between us and January 1st, it’s no surprise that that you’ve already finalized almost all of your brand marketing strategy and your business plan. You’ve crossed the “T”s and dotted the “I”s, but does your plan dedicate enough focus to growing your supplement brand?

If there’s anything that this year has taught us, it’s that having a strong brand presence can make or break the success of a dietary supplement (or any) product, but… more likely than not, you already knew this (especially if you’re a regular reader of our blog).

Keeping that in mind, here are three factors we know you’ll want to consider as you round out the social media branding strategy section of your business plan.

3 Tips for Growing Your Supplement Brand

1 – Embrace the social media platforms that work for your brand.

We’ve said it before and we will say it again. No matter who your target customer may be, if they’re an adult human currently living on planet earth, then there is a very good chance that social media influences their day-to-day life and their purchasing habits.

We don’t doubt that you know how to be a successful brand manager, but when it comes to committing to the social media train, there are a few additional factors you’ll want to consider:

  • Consistency is key. A regular posting schedule along with consistent brand colors, imagery, and “voice” are your friends.
  • Don’t shout at your audience. Instead, try talking with them. The brands and companies with the most social media success are usually the ones who master the art of engaging their audience in useful, interesting, and relevant
  • Don’t be afraid to sponsor content. Giving the posts that you publish a “boost” with the help of paid campaigns or promotions can be a great way to improve your reach. Never done it before? Try starting with a small budget, a clear set of KPI’s you’re looking to track, and remember – there’s an excellent chance that someone, somewhere has published a digital “how to” guide or blog post.

If you’re brand isn’t already on social media, there’s a very good chance that it should be.

2 – Don’t be afraid to talk with your customers.

Like, in person? Not just via social media and email? Yes.

Social media can become an incredible tool for starting conversations and connecting with your customers and audience, but it will always be just that – a tool.

Along with having a stellar customer support system that includes the option to pick up the phone and speak with another human being, there’s nothing wrong with reaching out to your customers for feedback – even if you’re using technology as “outdate” as the telephone.

Caring enough to take the time to really speak with a customer (or a prospective customer) usually creates a layer of personalized care and attention that doesn’t rarely goes unnoticed – or unappreciated.

3 – Build (and nurture) a community.

Okay, technically speaking, this third tip can be a direct result of successfully acting on tips one and two. Building a community around a supplement brand means encouraging conversation and promoting a sense of camaraderie.

Do the customers who use and live your dietary supplement product call themselves by a certain name? Is there a way that people who use your product recognize each other? How do you brand your supplement product?

Usually, the sooner you establish the “name” that your supplement’s community and community members are recognized by, the better. Once a name has been established, even if it wasn’t one that you or your team have picked, it may be hard to shake.

Remember, it’s a marathon – not a sprint…

At the end of the day, building (and maintaining) a brand is no small task – and there’s no shortcut. Long-term success can be found by making long-term commitments to your customers and your products.

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December 15th, 2016

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