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Is this the next big trend in supplement ingredients?

Last updated: February-1,2021

Is this the next big trend in supplement ingredients?

Adaptogens. They're a unique family of herbs and ingredients that despite some impressive differences, have been found by researchers and consumer to share one interesting common trait. The big question on everyone's mind? Does this emerging category have what it takes to become one of the defining supplement trends of 2017?

What are adaptogens/adaptogenic ingredients?

On the whole, herbs and ingredients earn that are members of the "adaptogenic" family have been shown to promote overall well being while also promoting the body's natural abilities to respond to stress.

First recognized by the FDA and the European Medicines agency as an acceptable functional claim for certain products and supplements in 1998, the scientific and nutraceutical communities are still working to understand the full potential of this unique category of ingredients.

Supplement Trends for 2017: Adaptogenic Herbs & Ingredients

With "promoting overall health and well being" holding its place as the top supplement consumer-provided reason for taking supplements according to CRN's latest survey, supplement categories like stress relief are poised for major growth in 2017.

Popular Adaptogenic Ingredients for Stress Relief

While all three of these ingredients have been recognized for their potential for promoting reproductive and sexual health, numerous studies have suggested that all three adaptogens may be well suited for promoting overall well being by supporting the body's ability to manage and adapt to stress and anxiety.

Ashwagandha - This funny sounding herb has been a component of traditional Chinese and Indian systems of health care for centuries. A member of the Ayurvedic family of herbs, this root has earned a spot as one of the most-discussed adaptogenic ingredients of the moment.

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Maca - Also known as "Peruvian ginseng," maca made it's way into the supplement spotlight several times through out 2016. Not to be confused with "matcha" the popular green tea drink, this is another root herb with a growing body of research supporting potential uses.

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Shilajit - Another member of the Ayurvedic family that we've covered many times in the past, studies have suggested that along with having potential as an ingredient with sports nutrition and a sexual health applications - Shilajit may be able to promote stress relief and overall well-being.

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Key Takeaway

For brand owners and consumer's alike, adaptogenic dietary supplement hold an incredible amount of potential! We're can't see how new scientific research and breakthroughs will come to shape the future of adaptogens and adaptogenic supplements in 2017!

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January 25th, 2017

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