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All Natural Vitamins: Innovative Vitamin Manufacturing

Last updated: March-3,2022

All Natural Vitamins: Innovative Vitamin Manufacturing

No longer is a vitamin just a vitamin. The ongoing debate between all natural vitamins and synthetic vitamins has caused people to become more aware of the type of vitamin supplements they are taking and re-assess their choices. When it comes to a choice between synthetic and natural, more people are turning to "natural" or  "organic" supplements.

Manufacturing Innovative All Natural Vitamin Products

As brand owners search to find a footing in the nutraceutical industry, quality of products and innovations are seen to be the key to success. Take for example, innovation in children's natural vitamins which has led to increase in their sales.

A variety of formulations blending natural vitamins, minerals, enzymes can be targeted to improve digestion, support immunity and nutritionally support the brain. All natural vitamins that offer nutritional support for specialty health needs such as cardiovascular health, energy boost, and immune support, will continue to be popular.

As science develops and new breakthroughs in DNA diagnostics are being made, vitamins on demand may be the next major innovation in natural vitamin manufacturing.

All Natural Vitamins - The Trend Continues

According to Nutrition Business Journal the sale of natural and specialty supplements constituted 37% of the sales in 2006. According to their 2007 report, sale of natural vitamins rose by over 6 percent; minerals by 5 percent and herbs and botanicals by over 4 percent.  The trend for natural health supplements still continues to rise.

NutraScience Labs can help you formulate superior quality supplements that target specific health issues. We can partner with you in manufacturing all natural health supplements which are carefully formulated, safe to use and produce the quality results your consumers are looking for. This hallmark difference will keep your customers satisfied and coming back to your brand of products time and again.

For more information about our all natural vitamin and supplement manufacturing services, you may submit an online quote or call (855) 492-7388 to speak with one of our knowledgeable Production Specialists.

September 15th, 2009

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