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Amazon Joins the Marketplace with Branded Line of Supplements

Last updated: January-27,2022

Amazon Joins the Marketplace with Branded Line of Supplements

Amazon (recognized by many as the foremost online retailer of just about everything) has officially added a line of vitamins and dietary supplements to its private label collection, Amazon Elements.

Launched on February 21st, 2017, the new line of vitamins and supplement currently consists of four vegan capsule products: Vitamin D2, Vitamin K2, Calcium Complex, and Turmeric Root Extract.

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Currently, access to the Amazon Elements products is limited to those consumers who are Amazon Prime customers and those who have received invitations to use the service.

The Significance of Amazon's New Line of Supplements

Despite the fact that Amazon Elements remains one of Amazon's least known programs, the long-term ramifications of this newly introduced supplement line have the potential to be massive - for both Amazon and the nutraceutical industry as a whole.

Along with coming about during a moment in retailer/consumer relations that's been characterized by a general shift away from traditional 'brick and mortar' options towards digital outlets and e-commerce, the launch of the Amazon Elements' supplement line comes at a time when some of the industry's historically strong players, like GNC, are facing new challenges.

Considerations: Amazon's Supplement Product Choices

Arguably, Amazon's new line of dietary supplements (small as it may be) does an excellent job of demonstrating Amazon's grasp of the nutraceutical marketplace and the latest dietary supplement trends.

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Here are three dietary supplement trends that we think Amazon has definitely picked up on:

Transparency - Complete with a front label call-to-action, one of the key selling points that Amazon has decided to utilize for this line of supplements is full transparency. Each product page contains extensive details concerning how the supplement was manufactured, including where the ingredients were sourced, how they were processed, and how they've been tested and analyzed.

Plant-Based  - All four of the supplements in the line aren't just derived from plant-based sources - they're also vegan. Along with capitalizing on the recent upswing in demand for supplements that are derived from non-animal sources, choosing to create vegan supplements means that almost any dietary supplement consumer, regardless of dietary restrictions, would be in a position to purchase these products.

Ingredient-Focused - The decision to opt for three single ingredient supplements and one single ingredient-focused blend falls in line with another key trend of the moment. Especially in recent years, health trends (and in turn consumers) have started to place more value on foods, supplements, and regiments that serve a focused and sometimes personalized end goal. As a result, the nutraceutical marketplace has seen an influx of products with short formulas that have been crafted to support specific needs.

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March 8th, 2017

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