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Can probiotic supplements help those with autoimmune disorders?

Last updated: August-20,2019

Can Probiotic Supplements Help Those with Autoimmune Disorders?

This article was originally written as a submission for Natural Products INSIDER

Given the considerable body of research linking probiotics to digestive health, and digestive health to immune health, exploring probiotics as a viable solution for certain autoimmune issues simply makes sense.

Arguably, modern research has only scratched the surface when it comes to the relationship between probiotics and the human body. As the health and wellness community continues to explore the viability of probiotics for immune applications, some hurdles have to be jumped.

As dietary ingredients, probiotics do not cure inflammatory damage accumulated over a number of years. However, some encouraging data exists supporting the claim that probiotics may be able to help people looking to slow the development of certain conditions with inflammatory symptoms during their early stages.

While probiotics continue to maintain their long-standing track record for helping those who suffer from inflammatory conditions, the same can’t be said for the abilities of probiotics to aid those who suffer from allergies.

One of the most common misconceptions concerning probiotic bacteria, especially among consumers, is that all strains are created equal. This notion couldn’t be further from the truth...

You can find the rest of this article in Natural Product INSIDER’s Immune Health Digital Magazine.

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October 26th, 2016

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