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Capsaicin - A  New Ingredient to Help Attain Weight Loss Goals

Last updated: August-19,2019

Capsaicin - A New Ingredient to Help Attain Weight Loss Goals

Capsaicin and Weight LossIf you're looking for an ingredient to put in your weight loss formulation that has the potential to give your customers weight loss results, scientists at Purdue University may have a possible answer. The heat-causing chemicals in hot peppers, called capsaicin, and compounds called capsiates in non-pungent chillies have been found to have thermogenic and appetite-suppressing properties.

Purdue's review of several studies shows that these two bioactive compounds may indeed help produce slow and modest weight loss effects. 1

Capsaicin and Weight Loss

The Purdue review evaluated 17 studies on capsaicin and weight loss, and performed a meta-analysis on thermogenic outcomes. A systematic review was conducted for both thermogenesis and appetite effects of capsaicin and capsiates. The results suggest that both compounds increase energy expenditure and enhance fat oxidation. The researchers concluded that there may be a possible connection between capsaicin/capsiates and mild effects on weight management. Both compounds also show moderate benefits as an appetite suppressant.

Dr. Richard D. Mattes and his colleagues who conducted the review observed, "The magnitude of these effects is small...purposeful inclusion of these compounds in the diet may aid weight management, albeit modestly."

America - the Land of the Overweight?

There are currently 1 billion adults around the world that are classified as being overweight, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). By 2015, WHO estimates the number of overweight adults will rise to 1.5 billion.

According to the 2009-2010 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) the prevalence of overweight adults was 35.5% among adult men and 35.8% among adult women, with no significant change compared with 2003-2008. 2 According to a 2010 Food and Health Survey, about 70 percent of the Americans surveyed said they are concerned about their weight; while 77 percent said they are trying to either lose or maintain their weight. 3

Overweight Individuals Driving the Weight Management Market

As the number of overweight individuals continues to increase, capsaicin supplements for weight management may attract keen consumer interest, especially since the weight management segment enjoys a high rate of new product entry. Growing calorie-awareness and appearance-conscious individuals have opened up a wide market for a variety of weight management aids. After a flat overall growth was reported in 2009, sales of Sports Nutrition Weight Loss (SNWL) supplements picked up in 2010 marking a growth of 9 percent and garnering $22.7 billion in total sales. 4

According to Nutrition Business Journal (NBJ), the strong growth can be attributed to the wide appeal SNWL products have. It's not just athletes and bodybuilders looking for more energy and weight management solutions. The consumer market for these products now reaches soccer moms, fathers-on-the-go, and just about anybody who wants to increase their energy levels, enhance their physical and mental performance and stay in shape. While sports and energy drink and shots formed the bulk of the sales (57 percent) in 2010, the weight loss category captured 7 percent of the total sales, delivering a 1 percent growth from the previous year. 5

According to NBJ, weight loss ingredients like bitter orange, hoodia, fucoxanthin and Irvingia are commonly used in weight management aids, but the strongest performers are green tea, conjugated linolenic acid (CLA) and 7-Keto. Ingredients that are driving the industry are those backed by science and have a strong market presence. In such a context, capsaicin and capsiates are strong contenders. 6

Capsaicin and Weight Loss Formulations

Supplement business owners may want to include capsaicin and capsiates in their weight management formulations. Target consumer markets can include healthy individuals who want to maintain a healthy weight or overweight individuals who want to lose pounds. A strategic formula that contains studied ingredients may help to accelerate weight loss for your customers, in combination with a healthy diet and exercise.

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March 24th, 2012

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