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The Knowledge Center contains articles, whitepapers, and other materials written by our in-house team of production specialists, marketers, and graphic artists. New brand owners will find these documents to be especially useful as they look to get their product line off the ground.

Starting a Custom Dietary Supplement Line

6 Steps for Starting a Dietary Supplement Line

Starting a supplement line is more work than it seems. The reason why? Because putting the product in the bottle is the easiest part of the process.

The hard part is turning a good product idea into a good business, which calls for a much larger set of skills. Distribution, marketing, legal matters, customer service, financial planning and your sales process all have to be in sync for the project to work. Continue reading


Made in America: When Should My Supplement Label Say “Made in the USA”

For most Americans, there’s a certain sense of pride that comes with being able to say, “My product is made in the USA.” But in an increasingly connected global market, where ingredients and materials can easily be sourced from halfway around the world, the lines between the supplements that really are “Made in the USA” and those that aren’t can blur. Continue reading

Tips_Right_Dietary_Supplement_Contract_Manufacturer (4)

6 Simple Tips for Finding The Right Dietary Supplement Contract Manufacturer

You want to create a dietary supplement. You have your concept, you’ve done the homework, and now  you’re finally ready to start working through your list of (potential) contract manufacturing partners. There’s just one tiny problem – you have no idea how you’re going to find the right manufacturer for your project… Continue reading

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3 Myths About Contract Manufacturing Supplements

The world of dietary supplement contract manufacturing is an interesting one – to say the least. For industry newcomers, finding the right contract manufacturer to meet your supplement needs can be a challenge. Continue reading


Veggie or Gelatin: Tips for Choosing the Right Supplement Capsule

Thinking of choosing a capsule as the delivery method for your next nutritional supplement product? Depending on the type of supplement you’re looking to manufacture and who you’re looking to sell it to – deciding to use a veggie capsule or a gelatin capsule can make all the difference! Continue reading

3 Tips for Successfully Marketing Your Nutritional Supplements Line

3 Tips for Successfully Marketing Your Nutritional Supplements Line

3 Tips for Successfully Marketing Your Nutritional Supplements Line

All owners of nutritional supplement companies, regardless of the products they are selling, ultimately share the same goal – to craft a high-quality product that can hold its own among a supplement sea full of competitors! Along with working with high-quality ingredients and good manufacturing practices from the start, there are several ways to help your product stand out from the crowd.

With that said, we’ve handpicked our 3 tips for marketing your nutritional supplements line and shared them with you below: Continue reading

Are Dietary Supplements Regulated by the FDA?

Are Dietary Supplements Regulated by the FDA?

Are Dietary Supplements Regulated by the FDA?

Despite the media’s perception of our industry, dietary supplements are regulated by the FDA. In fact, there are extensive FDA, FTC, and state regulations covering almost every aspect of the dietary vitamin and supplement manufacturing process – from the sourcing and composition of ingredients to the final packaging and other post-production finishing touches! Continue reading

Top Qualities To Look For When Choosing Your Dietary Supplement Manufacturer

Top Qualities To Look For In Your Dietary Supplement Manufacturer

Whether you’re a seasoned nutraceutical industry veteran or a first time dietary supplement brand owner – there are certain qualities and characteristics that are always worth looking for when choosing your supplement manufacturer.

Continue reading

3 Factors That Can Influence Dietary Supplement Production Times

3 Common Factors that Can Influence The Production Time of a New Dietary Supplement

When it comes to making it through the supplement manufacturing processes with your budget, business plan, and sanity still intact, building extra time into your production run for “the unexpected” can make all the difference.

There are dozens of factors that can influence the production time (or lead time) for a dietary supplement product. Especially for new or first-time brand owners looking to manufacture a supplement product, being able to accommodate these factors can be near impossible without the help of an experienced supplement manufacturer. Continue reading