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Hemp Protein - Marijuana's Non-Psychotropic, Muscle-Building Cousin

Hemp Protein: Marijuana’s Non-Psychotropic, Muscle-Building Cousin

Even though hemp protein is derived from cannabis sativa and a member of the cannabis family, this particular variety of plant protein can offer fitness enthusiasts and athletes a unique combination of protein, fiber, and amino acids (without any of the psychotropic side effects). 
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Building Muscle with BCAAs (Branched-chain amino acids)

Building Muscle with BCAAs

Led by King Leucine, the BCAAs trio has continued to gain ground in the world of sports nutrition – and rightfully so! The research pointing to the muscle-building benefits of BCAAs in nothing less than compelling, despite what some critics may say. Continue reading

Dietary Supplement Packaging Design: Costly Oversights to Avoid

Dietary Supplement Packaging Design: Costly Oversights To Avoid

Eye-catching labels and shelf-jumping packaging can make or break your dietary supplement product. On the road to turning great ideas into packaging realities, some pitfalls are more costly than others! Continue reading

3 Things You Didn't Know About Brown Rice Protein

3 Things You Didn’t Know About Brown Rice Protein

Have you considered incorporating Brown Rice Protein into your next protein powder? What about your next workout? Here are three facts that you may want to consider!
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The Key Changes Being Made to the Supplement Facts Panel By the FDA

Key Changes Being Made to Supplement Fact Labels By the FDA

It’s nearly official – tomorrow the FDA will be publishing its final rule on the “Revision of the Nutrition and Supplement Facts Labels” to the Federal Register. For those who own or manufacture dietary supplements, we’ve gathered some of the key highlights that you need to know. Continue reading

4 Myths About Plant Proteins

4 Myths about Plant-Based Protein

As consumer demand for plant-based and vegan proteins continues to rise, we’ve set out to tackle 4 of the most popular plant-based protein myths head on! Continue reading

Revisited - 3 Predictions for the Nutraceutical Industry in 2016

Revisited: 3 Predictions for the Nutraceutical Industry in 2016

We’re taking to a moment to revisit our top three predictions for the nutraceutical industry from September of last year to find out how insightful they really were (or weren’t). Continue reading

3 Factors That Can Influence Dietary Supplement Production Times

3 Common Factors that Can Influence The Production Time of a New Dietary Supplement

When it comes to making it through the supplement manufacturing processes with your budget, business plan, and sanity still intact, building extra time into your production run for “the unexpected” can make all the difference.

There are dozens of factors that can influence the production time (or lead time) for a dietary supplement product. Especially for new or first-time brand owners looking to manufacture a supplement product, being able to accommodate these factors can be near impossible without the help of an experienced supplement manufacturer. Continue reading

What are 'Clean Label' Dietary Supplements?

What are “Clean Label” Dietary Supplements?

Today’s consumers are not passive buyers. Fueled in part by the general push towards healthier lifestyles built around high quality, minimally processed foods and consumables, today’s consumers want to know anything and everything about the product’s that they’re buying – and dietary supplements are no exception. Which is why it seems like the “clean” dietary supplement movement is here to stay. Continue reading