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Recap: The FDA's Nutrition Facts Label Webinar - June 27th, 2016

Recap: The FDA’s Nutrition Facts Labeling Webinar

Yesterday, June 27th, 2016, the FDA hosted an hour-long webinar dedicated to the (now finalized) changes that are being made the nutritional facts panel. Here’s what you missed… Continue reading

Flavoring Supplements: The Advantages of Working with a Certified Food Scientist

Flavoring Supplements: The Advantages of Working with a Certified Food Scientist

What’s the secret to flavoring a dietary supplement or sports supplement product that people will love? Along with some smart planning and a bit of careful research, enlisting the help of a manufacturer who has access to a certified food scientist certainly doesn’t hurt. Continue reading

Microbiomes and dietary supplements: what you need to know

Microbiomes & Dietary Supplements: What You Need to Know

Is it possible to not take note of a unique ecosystem consisting of billions or trillions of microscopic flora seriously – especially when there’s a growing body of research suggesting that those micro-flora may be key players in how our bodies process food, nutrients and dietary supplements? Continue reading

Digital Survey: Nutraceutical Industry Trends June 2016

Digital Survey: Nutraceutical Industry Trends for June 2016

If you’re at all familiar with nutraceutical industry, you know (probably all too well) that there’s one question that’s almost always on people’s minds: What’s going on in the industry today and what’s going to happen tomorrow? In an effort to offer some insight into what the answer or answers to this question might be, we’ve gone ahead and surveyed the digital landscape of the nutraceutical industry as of June 2016. Continue reading

3 Myths About Probiotics (That Aren't Worth Falling For)

3 Common Myths About Probiotics (That Aren’t Worth Falling For)

Probiotics – they’re today’s living, multiplying champions of gut and immune health! Even though the popularity and demand for probiotic dietary supplements and products has skyrocketed in recent years – there are still plenty of probiotic myths in need of debunking. Continue reading

4 Types of Consumer You Should Be Marketing Your Vegan Dietary Supplements To

4 Types of Consumers You Should Be Marketing Your Vegan Dietary Supplement To

Whether it’s for ethical, dietary, or environmental reasons – it looks like more and more American (and global) consumers are turning to veganism or vegetarianism. But in a world where food and nutraceutical trends come and go like the days of the week, it’s only natural to wonder: Do vegan supplements have any real chance of becoming a long-term industry norm? Continue reading

Omega-3s May Be Key Players In Slowing Muscle Loss In Seniors

Omega-3s May Be Key Players Slowing Muscle Loss in Seniors

For decades, the baby-boomer generation has taken a proactive approach to health and wellness, placing a significant amount of value in a number of dietary supplement – including omega-3s! As it turns out, certain omega-3s may be key for maintaining life-long muscle health. Continue reading

consumer demand for probiotics

A Gut Feeling: Demand for Probiotics is On the Rise

No matter where you like to get your nutraceutical news – it seems like everyonis talking about probiotics. We’re more than half way through 2016 and it looks like there’s no denying that consumer demand for these microflora is on the rise! Continue reading

Are probiotics the key to helping athletes fight frequent infections?

Are probiotics the key to helping athletes fight frequent infections?

Getting regular exercise is great! But as it turns out, the stress and exertion associated with frequent exercise may leave athletes more susceptible to catching upper respiratory infections (like the common cold)1. According to one recent study, probiotics may be able to provide fitness enthusiasts with some relief…

Continue reading