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Digital Survey: Nutraceutical Industry Trends June 2016

Digital Survey: Nutraceutical Industry Trends for June 2016

If you’re at all familiar with nutraceutical industry, you know (probably all too well) that there’s one question that’s almost always on people’s minds: What’s going on in the industry today and what’s going to happen tomorrow? In an effort to offer some insight into what the answer or answers to this question might be, we’ve gone ahead and surveyed the digital landscape of the nutraceutical industry as of June 2016. Continue reading

3 Myths About Probiotics (That Aren't Worth Falling For)

3 Common Myths About Probiotics (That Aren’t Worth Falling For)

Probiotics – they’re today’s living, multiplying champions of gut and immune health! Even though the popularity and demand for probiotic dietary supplements and products has skyrocketed in recent years – there are still plenty of probiotic myths in need of debunking. Continue reading

4 Types of Consumer You Should Be Marketing Your Vegan Dietary Supplements To

4 Types of Consumers You Should Be Marketing Your Vegan Dietary Supplement To

Whether it’s for ethical, dietary, or environmental reasons – it looks like more and more American (and global) consumers are turning to veganism or vegetarianism. But in a world where food and nutraceutical trends come and go like the days of the week, it’s only natural to wonder: Do vegan supplements have any real chance of becoming a long-term industry norm? Continue reading

Are probiotics the key to helping athletes fight frequent infections?

Are probiotics the key to helping athletes fight frequent infections?

Getting regular exercise is great! But as it turns out, the stress and exertion associated with frequent exercise may leave athletes more susceptible to catching upper respiratory infections (like the common cold)1. According to one recent study, probiotics may be able to provide fitness enthusiasts with some relief…

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Shilajit Linked to Improved Collagen Synthesis and Anti-Aging

Even though Shilajit has earned an impressive reputation as a natural testosterone booster and supporters of male health, a number of recent studies have pointed to the fact that Shilajit may be good for much more than helping men maintain their reproductive health… Continue reading

Top Qualities To Look For When Choosing Your Dietary Supplement Manufacturer

Top Qualities To Look For In Your Dietary Supplement Manufacturer

Whether you’re a seasoned nutraceutical industry veteran or a first time dietary supplement brand owner – there are certain qualities and characteristics that are always worth looking for when choosing your supplement manufacturer.

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Hemp Protein - Marijuana's Non-Psychotropic, Muscle-Building Cousin

Hemp Protein: Marijuana’s Non-Psychotropic, Muscle-Building Cousin

Even though hemp protein is derived from cannabis sativa and a member of the cannabis family, this particular variety of plant protein can offer fitness enthusiasts and athletes a unique combination of protein, fiber, and amino acids (without any of the psychotropic side effects). 
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Building Muscle with BCAAs (Branched-chain amino acids)

Building Muscle with BCAAs

Led by King Leucine, the BCAAs trio has continued to gain ground in the world of sports nutrition – and rightfully so! The research pointing to the muscle-building benefits of BCAAs in nothing less than compelling, despite what some critics may say. Continue reading

Dietary Supplement Packaging Design: Costly Oversights to Avoid

Dietary Supplement Packaging Design: Costly Oversights To Avoid

Eye-catching labels and shelf-jumping packaging can make or break your dietary supplement product. On the road to turning great ideas into packaging realities, some pitfalls are more costly than others! Continue reading