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What are Nitric Oxide Boosters?

What are Nitric Oxide (NO) Boosters?

If you follow the world of sports supplements, then chances are you’ve heard someone mention the rising popularity of Nitric Oxide (NO) boosters. Whether they’re being delivered as whole foods or in supplement form it seems that NO boosters have caught the attention of the bodybuilding community and the sports supplement community. But for many, the science of how they may help athletic performance can be less than clear.

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Three and a half things you didn't know about caffeine

3 1/2 Things You Didn’t Know About Caffeine

Along with being the morning stimulant of choice for most American adults, caffeine has the ability to influence more than just the first few hours of your day. When taken in moderation, caffeine has been shown to influence the body in a number of interesting ways. That being acknowledged, here are 3 ½ (yes, you read that correctly) of our favorite lesser-known caffeine factoids. Continue reading

Recent Study: Dietary Supplements May Enhance Antidepressants - Omega-3s, SAMe, Methylfolate and Vitamin-D

Dietary Supplements May Enhance Antidepressants

Last week, The American Journal of Psychiatry published an international evidence review that was written and compiled by a team of researchers from the University of Melbourne and Harvard University, “Adjunctive nutraceuticals for Depression: A systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.” Despite the seemingly dense title, after examining 40 clinical trials able to come to one undeniably simple conclusion: Certain nutraceuticals, when taken in tandem with antidepressants, were found to enhance the overall effects of the antidepressants in people who suffer from clinical depression.  Continue reading

The Trouble with DNA Barcoding For Ingredient Analysis

DNA Barcoding: Does It Work For Ingredient Analysis?

When New York attorney general Eric Schneiderman chose DNA barcoding as the primary method of ingredient analysis during his investigation of several dietary supplement companies and distributors last year, he pulled DNA barcoding into the spotlight. As a result, the effectiveness of DNA barcoding as a method for analyzing herbal/botanical supplement ingredients, in particular, has been met by an incredible amount of scrutiny.  Continue reading

Dark Chocolate, Cocoa Flavanols, and Enhanced Athletic Performance

Dark Chocolate, Cocoa Flavanols & Enhanced Athletic Performance

Recent Study Links Dark Chocolate and Cocoa Flavanols to Enhanced Athletic Performance

For most people, chocolate is delicious. Regardless of what their personal preference may be (milk or dark) there’s at least one cocoa-derived delight out there that tickles their sweet tooth. Despite chocolate’s centuries-old history, the kind of chocolate that we’ve come to know and love has only been around for the last 170 years or so. And only in recent decades has the western world truly started to discover that along with being great for making delicious treats, cocoa (especially the phytochemical components) may also be great for our health. Continue reading

Maca - The 'Peruvian Ginseng'

Maca: The “Peruvian Ginseng”

If you’re one for keeping up with the latest health and wellness news, then chances are maca (not to be confused with the popular green tea powder “matcha”) has made its way across your radar. Continue reading

Branching Out - BCAAs are on the Rise

Branching Out: BCAAs Are on the Rise

Earlier this week, we sat down with our production specialists and asked them which sports supplement ingredients we should be watching. From there we decided to turn to social media and the king of the search engines, Google, to see what the rest of the industry (and consumers) had to say. What did we find? Overwhelming evidenced that BCAAs (branch chained amino acids) are on the rise. Continue reading

The FTC Takes Action Against 'All Natural' Claims

FTC Takes Action Against “All Natural” Claims

Earlier this month the FTC took action against five health and beauty companies. While the products that garnered the FTC attention may have varied (spanning from shampoo to sunblock), the primary charge was the same across all five cases: Falsely claiming that a product containing one or more synthetic ingredients was “All Natural.” For those within the dietary supplement industry, the fact that the FTC went so far as to file claims against these five companies should be reason enough to take notice… Continue reading

The Benefits of Plant-Based Omega-3s

The Benefits of Plant-Based Omega-3s

Omega-3s, some of the most commonly recognized essential fatty acids (EFA), have become staples of the dietary supplement and natural product industries. Known for supporting regular cell processes, hormone production, and helping to reduce inflammation, the Omega-3 family has also been recognized as the key component for balancing the excessive amounts of Omega-6 EFA that we can get thanks to our corn and soy-heavy diets. Traditionally, Omega-3 supplements have been derived from fish or krill oils; but thanks in part to an increasingly troubled marine ecosystem and increased consumer demand for plant-based alternatives, another source of Omega-3s is slowly making its way into the spotlight… Continue reading

Beyond the Label: The CRN's Dietary Supplement Product Registry

Beyond the Label: The CRN’s Dietary Supplement Product Registry

Earlier this month, The Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) received authorization from its Board of Directors to create an industry-wide dietary supplement product registry. With a blessing from the FDA already in hand, CRN has hopes of launching the registry by the end of 2016. Continue reading