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The Challenges: Producing GMO-Free Dietary Supplements

The Challenges: Producing a GMO-Free Dietary Supplement

An undeniable increase in consumer demand for GMO-free foods and dietary supplements has left the nutraceutical industry scrambling to keep up. According to one report, non-GMO foods, beverages, and other consumables are projected to account for 30% of the Untied States’ total food and beverage retail sales by 2017. Continue reading

Whats Hot in the Industry: Curcumin

What’s Hot in the Industry: Curcumin

What’s yellow in color, derived from a species of ginger root, and currently taking the health and wellness industry by storm? It’s curcumin, of course! One of the three principle curcuminoids found in turmeric, curcumin has seen a significant spike in popularity and interest, which has been fuelled, at least in part, by the growing body of academic and scientific research on its uses and benefits. Continue reading

The Road to 100% organic dietary supplements

The Road to 100% Organic Dietary Supplements

Ever since the organic movement truly started to gain steam in the early 2000s, dietary supplement innovators and manufacturers have been faced with one particularly troublesome roadblock on the path to a 100% organic dietary supplement: Thanks to the non-organic classification of many of the most popular excipients and anti-caking agents, producing a 100% organic supplement is incredibly difficult. Continue reading

Key Ingredients: Juice Powders and Whole Plant Powders

Key Ingredients: Juice Powders & Whole Plant Powders

Let’s say that you’re a dietary supplement brand owner looking to round out your latest tablet, capsule, or powder formulation. The next ingredient that you’re looking to add (which happens to be a fairly important one) is available as a juice powder and as a whole powder. Which one will you choose? Better yet, which one should you choose? Continue reading

The Truth about Magnesium Stearate

The Truth about Magnesium Stearate

What do magnesium stearate, stearic acid, and most other flow agents have in common (other than being flow agents)? It seems that, so far as the nutraceutical industry is concerned, everyone and their mother has a different stance on their overall safety and efficacy.  Continue reading

The ABCs of Product Packaging Part One

The ABCs of Product Packaging: Part One

When you’re developing a product, a lot of details need to be accounted for to make things pop. Will it taste good? Can we get the per-bottle cost low enough? How difficult would it be to get it certified organic?

It can be overwhelming. When all is said and done, you often have to juggle so many balls that it’s quite easy, even forgivable, to have a few slip between the cracks. In my experience, one of the details that frequently falls outside the entrepreneur’s gaze is packaging. Continue reading

Delivery Basics: Dietary Supplement Capsules, Tablets and Powders

Delivery Basics: Dietary Supplement Capsules, Tablets & Powders

You’ve established all of your key ingredients, you know which certifications you’d like it to have – two undeniably important factors – but have you settled on the delivery method? Finding the best delivery method for your product influences everything from the bioavailability and efficacy of its ingredients to cost per unit. Continue reading

Nutraceuticals 101 - What is a dietary supplement

Nutraceuticals 101: Defining ‘Dietary Supplement’

The Nutraceutical Industry is a conglomerate – a brand and product fuelled Frankenstein with arms and legs that reach into almost every corner of the health and wellness market from sports nutrition, to weight loss, to cognitive health. Continue reading

NSL_cGMP_Storage (2)

How to recognize a cGMP certified Warehouse or Storage Facility

The statement, “this is a dietary supplement (DS) cGMP-certified storage facility,” should catch the attention of every supplement brand owner/manufacturer looking for a storage solution. Along with being two fairly popular trains of thought, these happen to be two of our favorite reasons why that first statement should capture your attention Continue reading

Why can't the phrase 'all natural' apply to all dietary supplements?

Why can’t the phrase “All Natural” apply to all dietary supplements?

Americans are developing an insatiable appetite for natural products. An aging population, obesity crisis, and increasing concern over the sustainability of the food system have resulted in an evolving marketplace that sets a strong premium on products that come from the hands of the farmer, not the pharmacist. Continue reading