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Dietary Supplement Predictions for 2018

Dietary Supplement Predictions for 2018

No, there’s nothing wrong with you computer screen and no, we didn’t make a typo. Even though 2017 has only just begun, we couldn’t help but set our eyes to the horizon and consider what 2018 might have in store for the dietary supplement industry. Continue reading


What is Ashwagandha?

Along with being incredibly fun to say, ashwagandha is one of several herbs linked to India’s Ayurvedic system of health care that we’ve seen jump into the global nutraceutical mainstream. Now that ashwagandha’s made its way into the dietary supplement spotlight, there’s one key question worth asking: What’s the story behind this 3,000-year-old supplement? Continue reading


Trending Supplement Ingredients: Algae

They may be small, but they sure can pack a punch! Rising from the waters and coming to a  formula near you, let’s take a closer look at how this versatile ingredient is finding its way into 2016s hottest dietary supplement products! Continue reading


Supplement Trends: Declining Multivitamin Use and Other Opportunites

Multivitamins have been staples of the supplemental nutrition industry for decades. Even in recent years, multivitamins have accounted for a significant portion of yearly supplement sales. Continue reading

Insight into BCAA popularity via Google Trends

BCAAs: 3 Trends That Google Didn’t Miss

This post was originally written as a submission for Nutritional Outlook Magazine.

Thanks to the Internet, we can gain a better understanding of almost anything these days and market trends are no exception, including those in the world of sports nutrition. Continue reading

Are you dietary supplements reaching millennials?

Is your dietary supplement brand reaching millennials?

Millennials are an interesting bunch. At the moment, a consumer earns the “millennial” designation if they were born between 1981 and 1997. That’s an absolutely massive swath of the population (a swath that currently includes about 75.4 million Americans). Here’s the big question: In an increasingly millennial-centric market, does your dietary supplement brand have what it takes? Continue reading

Bone Broth Protein Powder Supplements

What are bone broth protein powders?

Bone broths are nothing new. If we’re being technical about things, humans have incorporated animal and livestock bones into cooking (and by extension nutrition) for thousands of years. On the other hand, bone broth protein powders are a bit more recent – and by recent I mean that up until about six months ago hardly anyone was talking about them.

Continue reading

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5 Tips for Making Your Supplement Brand a Social Media Hit

Author Stephanie Lee

About the Author: Stephanie Lee enjoys writing about balancing fitness, health, productivity, and travel.

There’s no denying that the supplements industry is a hard market to penetrate, but every successful company has to start somewhere.

In today’s digital age, even a new player to the supplement game can cultivate a loyal customer base with the power of social media. There are no “secrets” per se, but there are certainly better methods. We’ll be taking a look at several tried-and-true methods that have helped numerous supplement brands dive into crowded waters and make a big splash on social media. Continue reading

What Athletes Want - 3 Must-Consider Strength and Conditioning Supplements

What Athletes Want: 3 Must-Consider Strength & Conditioning Supplements

Author - Aja Campbell

Written By Aja Campbell CrossFit Coach, founder and owner of ATTAGIRL NY, food + beverage enthusiast, and lover of all things covered in fur with wet noses.

In the ever-evolving world of Strength & Conditioning training, proper supplementation equals results – which begs the question: With long and short term fitness goals that can run the gamut, which supplements are athletes actually interested in? Continue reading