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What's the Difference Between CBD & THC?

CBD vs. THC: Learn the Difference In 2 Minutes

 A great deal of confusion currently exists among consumers and brand owners alike when it comes to knowing the difference between CBD and THC.

CBD and THC are only two of about 100 phytocannabinoids we can find in plants. THC being the main compound present in the marijuana plant, and CBD being the main compound present in hemp. Even though they’re both categorized as “cannabinoids”, they act differently when consumed.

The terminology surrounding CBD can be confusing since sometimes consumers think it’s the same as THC because both fall under the “cannabinoid” category. Take vitamin A and vitamin C as an example; both are categorized as vitamins but when consumed, whether via food or supplements, they produce different physiological effects. This same concept applies to cannabinoids where CBD is completely different from THC. From a practical standpoint, this means that CBD can’t get someone “high”.

CBD vs. THC: Chemical Structure Differences

CBD vs. THC Chemical Structure Differences

CBD and THC are two cannabinoids that are very similar at the molecular level, creating another reason that led the public to often believe they’re the same, but CBD is not the same chemical structure as THC. In other words, their atoms are arranged in different ways. This process leads THC to cause a psychotropic effect vs. CBD which results in a variety health and wellness support effects.

Taking this a step further, the best approach is to use products with a clinically researched dose of full-spectrum phytocannabinoids, rather than limiting it to just CBD. Not only do full-spectrum phytocannabinoids provide comprehensive support to the body, but they have a very good safety profile associated with regular use, which is not necessarily the case with THC.

CBD vs. THC Infographic

We've created a handy infographic so you can easily understand the what the difference is between CBD vs. THC:

Difference Between CBD and THC Infographic

The Takeaway

For brand owners - both new and existing - that are looking to cash in on the CBD "Gold Rush", understanding the differences between CBD and THC is not easy, but is incredibly important. We hope that our quick read gave you enough information so that you can custom manufacture or private label a high-quality, hemp-derivied phytocannabinoid product.

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March 4th, 2019

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