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CRN's Supplement OWL Has Started Accepting Product Labels

Last updated: August-20,2019

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CRN's Supplement OWL Has Started Accepting Product Labels

In a little less than a year since the initiative was first announced, the Council for Responsible Nutrition's (CRN's) Supplement OWL, short for Online Wellness Library, has started taking supplement label submission.

Recap: What is Supplement OWL?

For anyone who may have forgotten, plans for Supplement OWL were first announced back in spring of 2016. In the months since, the project has started to come to life - with key highlights including the addition of UL as a key administrator and the launch of the Supplement OWL website.

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The long-term hope is that Supplement OWL will encourage industry-wide transparency and consumer trust by growing into a fully-fledged supplement label database. Once it's open to the public, OWL will act as an easy-to-use resource capable of providing consumers and industry insiders enhanced access to the labels for the products that they purchase for themselves and their families.

It's Offical: CRN's Supplement OWL is taking submissions!

CRN Supplement OWL Logo CRN's Supplement Online Wellness Library (OWL)

In a press release from January 26th, CRN was proud to announce that Supplement OWL has begun to gain momentum. In the words of CRN President & CEO, Steven Mister:

“The Supplement OWL is an important self-regulatory initiative that starts with a simple premise: regulators need to know what ingredients and products are in the dietary supplement marketplace and who sells them [...] Because our members recognized the necessity for this initiative, CRN has invested in an advertising campaign to broaden our reach beyond our member companies.”

The key thing for manufacturers, supplement brand owners, and consumers to remember when it comes to Supplement OWL is that this database has been built and will continue to be built around the idea of self-regulation.

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Even though there are plenty of regulations in place, both here in the US and abroad, nutraceutical industry leaders agree that self-regulation will play a huge role in shaping the future of our industry.

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January 26th, 2017

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