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Re-formulation Results In Increased Sales for Supplement Brand

Last updated: December-29,2021

Customer Success Story: Re-formulation Results in Increased Sales for Prominent Sports Supplement Brand

Using its experience and sports nutrition manufacturing process planning expertise, NutraScience Labs also collaborated with the client to set demand forecasting in place which ensured shorter supplement production lead times.

The Situation

The client, an up and coming sports nutrition company that sells direct-to-customer, wanted to work with a trustworthy supplement contract manufacturing company who could re-formulate its all-natural sports nutrition product with the goal of increasing sales.

The Challenge

The client noticed that sales for its all-natural pre-workout supplements were rapidly declining. On the surface, the client thought that health claims such as “natural”, “sugar-free”, and “healthy” were enough to capture the attention of consumers and distinguish it from competing products. However, market research revealed that the product’s earthy smell and bitter aftertaste, contributed by its ingredients, were unpopular among consumers, and contributed mightily to the decrease in sales.

Other client-concerns about re-formulating the products were:

  • Cost impact
  • Delivery time-line impact

The Solution

We identified the root cause of the smell and aftertaste, the primary reasons for the products’ poor sales, and provided solutions designed to improve the product, ensure optimum lead times, and reduce the cost impact as much as possible.

  • Understanding and Identifying the Root-Cause

We suggested cutting down the amount of beetroot - one of the primary ingredients and the reason for the smell and bitter aftertaste - from 600 mg to 250 mg. As this, on its own, was not sufficient to mask the smell and aftertaste, our certified food scientist worked diligently to provide the client with flavor samples in a timely manner and eventually suggested new flavor options for them to release. In this scenario, artificial flavors and sweeteners did the trick.

  • Minimizing the Impact on Cost

Except for some additional time and effort in the beginning to develop various flavor samples, there was no other considerable cost impact.

  • Maintaining Lead Time-Efficiency

We’ve been able to maintain production lead times of 8-10 weeks and have also developed demand forecasts that enable us to secure the necessary raw materials as quickly as possible to start the manufacturing processes when needed. We’ve found that taking this course of action optimizes the amount of time to manufacture the products without sacrificing quality.

A challenge that’s been overcome with planning, as their most popular supplement sells out within minutes of being made available!

The Result

Re-formulating and re-flavoring the products resulted in a tremendous increase in sales on the client’s main direct-to-consumer platform - Instagram.

Other results our customer achieved as a result of our work included:
  • A delicious tasting all-natural product with no smell or aftertaste – something that consumers love
  • Exponential growth in brand awareness and sales on Instagram
  • Increased customer satisfaction – consumers expected and received great-tasting supplements
  • Optimum lead-time efficiency that has resulted in manufacturing time and cost savings
  • Increased sales and profits

Ready to Take Your Supplement Brand to the Next Level?

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July 10th, 2020

About the Author:

Andrew Goldman

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