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Digital Survey: Nutraceutical Industry Trends for June 2016

Last updated: February-1,2021

Digital Survey: Nutraceutical Industry Trends for June 2016

If you're at all familiar with nutraceutical industry, you know (probably all too well) that there's one question that's almost always on people's minds: What's going on in the industry today and what's going to happen tomorrow? In an effort to offer some insight into what the answer or answers to this question might be, we've gone ahead and surveyed the digital landscape of the nutraceutical industry as of June 2016.

While a fad may come and go - it still has the potential to be as valuable as any long-running trend, if you have the ability to recognize it while it's happening rather than after it's happened. In an effort to call out some of the nutraceutical industry's current trends and fads, we decide to turn to the digital-sphere and see what we could find.

The Survey: What We Looked At

For this particular survey, we turned to three of the nutraceutical industry's most referenced and top ranked (in the Google sense of the word) sites. Pulling from all three publications, we reviewed more than a 150 unique articles and blog posts – using each post to help establish the over-arching trends and subject areas that have earned places in the nutraceutical headlines over the last month.

Digital Survey: Nutraceutical Industry Trends for June 2016

June 2016 Nutraceutical Trends Pie Chart

The Top Nutraceutical Trends

When all was said and done, we were able to establish 26 different subject areas. Of those 26, here are the top 10 ranking topics (as of mid-June 2016):

    1. Industry News and Regulatory Updates - 20%
    2. Latest Scientific Studies -15%
    3. Probiotics - 10%
    4. New Products - 5%
    5. Adulterated Ingredients - 5%
    6. Weightloss Supplements & Ingredients - 5%
    7. Omega-3s - 4%
    8. Joint Health - 4%
    9. Sports Nutrition - 4%
    10. Industry Transparency - 4%

Analyzing the Data: Our Key Takeaways

After reviewing the data, it became all too clear that there were a number of different conclusions worth making. For us, these were among the most significant:

1. Industry news, regulatory updates & and FDA action interests everyone. No matter where you fall within the nutraceutical industry, the need and desire to keep up with industry news and regulatory changes is both real and constant.

2. Scientific studies matter. Not only do they provide us insight into the world of scientific research and development, but they also provide us with glimpses of possible futures and potential new realities.

3. It looks like probiotics really have captured the industry's attention. Arguably, ranking 3rd out of 26 well-covered topics is no small feat. It looks like the nutraceutical industry has continued (and may very well continue) to maintain a strong interest in probiotics – which includes everything from break-throughs in processing and preparation to evidence for new and previously unrecognized applications.

 The Data Is Out There

While this may not have been the most scientific of surveys, it has been able to demonstrate one key fact: For those looking to gain additional insight into the ins-and-outs of the nutraceutical industry, the data is out there – it's just a matter of being willing to look for it.

June 22nd, 2016

About the Author:

Melissa DellaBartolomea

Melissa DellaBartolomea was the resident Content Marketing Specialist at NutraScience Labs from February 2016 to July 2018. Driven by a passion for the world of written, visual, and digital media, she's dedicated herself to keeping up with all things nutraceutical. From ingredient insights to the latest in contract manufacturing regulations and trends, her mission is to provide our readers (like you) with the stories and knowledge they need to fuel long-term growth and nutraceutical industry success.