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Do you know what's in your super greens blend?

Last updated: March-29,2022

Manufacturing A Green Superfoods Blend? 32 Ingredients Worth Considering

Do You Know What's In Your Super Greens Blend?

It turns out that the phrase "eat your greens" has never been more important! Last year researchers from the CDC found that only 1 in every 10 adults is getting enough vegetables in their diet. No wonder green blends and super greens are some of the hottest supplements on the market today!

Green Superfood blendFor those looking to add some extra greens into their diet, the right greens or super greens blend may be able to help! Even though no two blends may be exactly alike, there are certain ingredients that tend to find their ways into the most popular greens products time and again.

Whether you're looking for the perfect greens blend to add to your own diet or  for the perfect list of veggies, grains, and wheats to use when formulating your own greens product – as an expert powder manufacturer, we've gathered a list of just a few of the ingredients you may want to consider!

It's worth noting that:

  1. Not every greens mix will or should include all of these ingredients
  2. Not every ingredient on this list won't necessarily work well with all of the other ingredients on this list.

Some of the best greens food products on the market today are the ones that have formulas that have been built around research, nutrition science, and an in-depth understanding of how the key components interact.

32 Ingredients Worth Considering for Your Next Super Food or Green Food Blends

Shades of Green...

Maybe you're looking for the right product to meet your needs. Or maybe the right product to meet your customer's needs? No matter what situation you're in – chances are there's a green combination out there that can get the job done.

Learn more about manufacturing and flavoring your greens product with NutraScience Labs today!

July 5th, 2016

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