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Last updated: February-3,2023

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Employee Spotlight - Dana Roveto, Director of Operations

At NutraScience Labs, we have a team that is passionate about the dietary supplement industry and helping brand owners manufacture and bring high-quality products to market. For this reason, we've decided to "lift the curtain" and introduce our readers to the individuals that make us the leading contract manufacturing source.

For our inaugural Employee Spotlight, we wanted to feature our Director of Operations, Dana Roveto.

Dana has worked for NutraScience Labs since 2012 and has worn a variety of hats throughout her tenure. Starting out as an Administrative Assistant, Dana quickly climbed the ranks within our organization and was recently promoted to Director of Operations. As our Director of Operations and a key member of our Executive Leadership Team, Dana is always coming up with and implementing new ways to ensure our business and the orders that are in production run as smoothly as possible.

What's a Typical Day In the Life Like for You at NutraScience Labs?

Lucky for me, there is no such thing as a "typical day". Each day is different. I can be communicating with our internal team or vendors on priorities, managing where in the process we're at for any of our 300+ orders in production, crafting and implementing a new process that will help our office run more efficiently or working alongside our graphics, finance, and administration teams to ensure things are running smoothly every day.

What Do You Enjoy Most About Your Job?

What I enjoy most about my job is the problem-solving, critical-thinking, always super-busy, high-priority tasks that are on my plate, but what I enjoy most about NutraScience Labs is my work family. I'm surrounded each day by some of the best people you'll ever meet.

Dana Roveto Quote

What Was the Biggest Challenge You Encountered in Your Role and How Did You Overcome It?

Having come from a completely different industry with no previous knowledge of dietary supplements, the learning curve for my initial position was very high. But, after years of literally living, breathing, and bleeding dietary supplements and absorbing the environment around me, I feel like I'm a pro now. With that said, the industry is constantly changing and evolving, but I find that to be exciting because it keeps me on my toes.

What Has Been the Biggest Change/Shift You've Observed in the Dietary Supplement Industry Since Joining NutraScience Labs?

I would say the shift from artificial, stimulant-packed products to a more natural, clean approach to ingredients. Consumers are more aware and careful about what they're putting in their bodies. As a result, dietary supplement brand owners have had to change their approach.

In Your Opinion, What Distinguishes NutraScience Labs from Other Supplement Contract Manufacturers?

Our employees. The people in this building are not only knowledgeable and experienced, they care more about the success of the brands they are assisting than anyone I can imagine. They're genuine people that care about their customers and truly want them to be successful. They also go above and beyond to ensure that the finished product their customer receives exceeds their expectations.


What Advice Do You Have for a New Company or Brand Owner That's Thinking About Entering the Dietary Supplement Industry?

This might be a bit biased, but choose NutraScience Labs as your supplement contract manufacturing partner. You'll be educated, responded to, and treated as if you are our number one customer, always.

When You're Not in the Office, Where Can One Typically Find You?

Being the avid dog lover and sun-worshipper than I am, you can find me anywhere on Long Island that is sunny and dog friendly, usually at the park or exploring different neighborhoods.

Imagine You're a Superhero - What's Your Super Power and Why?

Everyone in the office knows that I'm a huge superhero fan, but I'm going to pass on standard answers like, "super strength" and "flying". Instead, my super power would be the ability to heal others. Everyone is hurting in some way, shape or form; it would be nice if I could help them.

Batman and Superman

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August 22nd, 2019

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