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Most Essential Vitamin Supplements

Last updated: December-30,2021

How to Stay Healthy At Home - Consider These Essential Nutrition Supplements

Good nutrition is an important key to achieving excellent health.[i] Staying at home limits access to fresh foods and produce and may restrict individuals from eating a nutritious and varied diet. Besides decreasing the opportunity to eat properly, it can also lead to increased consumption of processed foods brimming with salt, sugar, and fats.

To help these individuals bridge the nutrition gap and get the essential vitamins and supplements that they need, now is a great time for you to contract an experienced contract vitamin manufacturer about creating the following dietary supplement products.

Let's look at a few essential vitamin supplements that individuals can take to stay healthy at home.

Essential Vitamins and Supplements Individuals Can Take to Stay Healthy at Home

Vitamin A
Besides helping to maintain healthy vision, vitamin A has various benefits associated with the immune system, reproduction, and proper functioning of the kidneys, lungs, and other organs. The daily required amount of vitamin A differs with age and gender. Adult men need 900 mcg. In comparison, adult women require 700 mcg of the vitamin A to achieve its optimum benefits.[ii]

B Vitamins
Vitamin B is a group of 8 vitamins, namely:

  • B1 (Thiamin)
  • B2 (Riboflavin)
  • B3 (Niacin)
  • B5 (Pantothenic Acid)
  • B6 (Pyridoxine)
  • B7 (Biotin)
  • B9 (Folate)
  • B12 (Cobalamin)

Our body uses these vitamins for brain and cellular functions, energy production, and producing hormones, proteins, and red blood cells. These are also vital for support health genes and their expression. Some of the many vitamin B supplement benefits include maintaining a healthy heart and metabolism.[iii] [iv]

Vitamin C
Vitamin C supplements are useful for protein metabolism, biosynthesis of certain neurotransmitters, and collagen, which plays an essential role in wound healing. Besides its action as an antioxidant, vitamin C:[v]

  • enhances the absorption of nonheme iron
  • plays a vital role in immune function
  • may help promote a healthy cardiovascular system
  • may help support healthy cellular reproduction

Vitamin D
Vitamin D promotes healthy teeth and bones, helps maintain cardiovascular health and lung function, regulates insulin levels and the nervous system, and supports brain and immunity.[vi] With around 42%[vii] of Americans already deficient in this vitamin, a good quality supplement can come in handy to bridge the nutritional gap.

Vitamin E
Vitamin E benefits include supporting a healthy immune system and enhancing cardiovascular and overall health. The vitamin might show a positive effect in promoting healthy cognitive function[viii] [ix], and may also support eye health. Natural sources of vitamin E include seeds, nuts, vegetable oils, and green leafy vegetables. Fortified cereals are an alternative or complementary source of this essential vitamin.[x]

Probiotics are good for gut and general health and help keep harmful bacteria at bay. Probiotics are best known for supporting a healthy immune system and have been shown to help promote the body’s microbiome balance.[xi] [xii]

Magnesium supplement benefits include regulating blood sugar levels, blood pressure, and nerve and muscle functions. Also, our body uses magnesium for making bones, proteins, and DNA.[xiii] [xiv]

Omega-3 Fatty Acids
These essential fatty acids are vital for healthy brain and nerve cells. The human body uses omega-3 fatty acids to make energy that our cells utilize for functioning. Further, omega-3 fatty acid supplement benefits include healthy joints, and other organs, maintaining healthy skin and hair, and supporting circulation. They also play a vital role in the body’s healthy inflammatory responses.[xv] [xvi]

Zinc is good for healthy digestion, metabolism, and nerve function. It supports cell growth and cell membrane repair. Health benefits of zinc supplements include healthy skin and brain, and studies show that it may help reduce blood markers for inflammation associated with overexertion.[xvii]

Multivitamins are a combination of several vitamins and offer combined benefits of its constituent nutraceuticals. Besides bridging the nutrition gap, multivitamin supplements provide a range of benefits such as healthy aging, immunity-boosting, support for healthy heart, hair, and skin based on the vitamins they contain.[xviii]

As the supplement need differs with demographics and gender, you need to identify the appropriate doses and claims to reach the right audience. For instance, women need more iron than men, while men require more zinc than women, and multivitamins for women and men are designed based on their specific requirements.[xix]

Every cell in the human body is made from protein. This macronutrient is essential for our growth and repair and replacement of our cells. The benefits of protein include supporting the immune system by forming antibodies, supplying our body with energy, carrying nutrients, and growing new cells to make new tissues. Protein also plays an essential function in weight loss and weight management. Chicken breasts, egg whites, almonds, chickpeas, quinoa, Greek yogurt, fish, and oatmeal are good protein sources. However, protein supplements provide similar benefits if the food sources are not available.[xx]

Antioxidants are chemicals that limit or prevent damage caused by free radicals, harming other cells. Many nutrients, such as vitamin A, C, and E, as well as minerals like selenium, have antioxidant properties.[xxi]

As one of the essential trace elements in the human body, selenium is used for thyroid hormone metabolism, reproduction, DNA synthesis, and protection from infection and oxidative damage. Seafood, Brazil nuts, and organ meats are the richest food sources of selenium, followed by cereals and grains, muscle meats, and dairy products. Selenium supplements can be the best alternative when food sources are not available.[xxii]

Melatonin is a hormone produced by the pineal gland in the brain. Amongst a range of functions it performs, melatonin is primarily known for maintaining our body’s internal clock. Melatonin benefits include supporting restful sleep, and calming stress-induced anxiety.[xxiii]

How Can You Meet Growing Consumer Demand for Essential Nutritional Dietary Supplements?

High-quality vitamins and supplements support healthy living, even while staying at home. NutraScience Labs can help you create an effective supplement product for those people that are currently spending the majority of their time indoors due to the global pandemic.

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November 19th, 2020

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