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Fall 2013 Nutraceutical Manufacturing Trends

Last updated: April-10,2020

Fall 2013 Nutraceutical Manufacturing Trends

Fall 2913 Supplement Manufacturing TrendsThe fall season tends to be the last time of the year when people can take to the outdoors to enjoy their favorite activities before the chill of the winter months arrive. To ensure that you, as a current or prospective supplement brand owner, are properly meeting their needs, the following is our take on what the fall 2013 nutraceutical manufacturing trends will be:

Condition-specific supplements - The highest growth segments along with their incremental dollar increase are recorded below by SPINS, a market research firm in Schaumburg, IL. 1

  • Weight loss segment growing at 17 percent with sales close to $120 million
  • Digestive health segment growing at 15 percent with sales around $80 million
  • Immune support segment growing at 16 percent with sales over $40 million
  • Energy support supplements segment growing at 5 percent with sales close to $40 million
  • Eye health supplements growing at 13 percent with sales around $30 million

Joint Health - The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that more than half of U.S. adults start to have joint health issues around the age of 45. As a result, a growing number of consumers are purchasing supplements that contain well-studied ingredients like glucosamine, chondroitin, collagen, boswellin to support and protect their joints. Joint health is important to those individuals who enjoy outdoor activities like biking, running and climbing, as well as those who are either overweight or have sedentary lifestyles. Popular delivery systems for joint health supplements are tablets and capsules. 2

Key Health Ingredients - The SPINS forecasts ingredient trends for the following health conditions: 3

    • Cardiovascular health: Fish oil, krill oil, co-enzyme Q10 (CoQ10), red yeast rice and psyllium
    • Energy support supplements: taurine, vitamin B12, vitamin B complex, tyrosine and soy
    • Weight loss aids: green coffee extracts, caffeine, protein, ketones, green tea

Krill is a key ingredient in the omega-3 market that is growing at a phenomenal rate. It grew 43 percent in the natural market channel and 70 percent in the food/drug/mass channel. Phospholipids in krill offer better absorption and more efficient delivery. 4

B vitamins, too, are of particular interest to consumers for the following reasons:

  • pantethine and niacin for healthy cholesterol 5;
  • pyridoxine, B12, and folic acid for supporting healthy homocysteine levels;
  • folic acid for prenatal health;
  • riboflavin for healthy mood;
  • biotin for skin health;
  • pyridoxine and B12;
  • B12 and pyridoxine for brain function.

Protein, as a weight management ingredient or a muscle mass builder, is a favorite amongst consumers in the United States. The number of high-protein supplements is three times more in the United States than in any other country. According to the 2012 NPD Group's Functional Foods and Beverages report, 56% of American adults and 59% of American teens say they view adding more protein to their diet as "very" or "somewhat important". 6 New innovations in technology allow supplement business owners to offer a variety of protein supplements which include whey, casein, soy and other plant-based protein.

Probiotics - This popular ingredient has shown nothing but positive growth in the digestive and immune health ingredient markets. According to SPINS, sales of probiotic foods and supplements has risen 79 percent from July 2010 to July 2012. Keen consumer interest in probiotics continues to the drive its growth. 7

Vitamins and Supplements - According to SPINS the fastest growing supplement categories are: 8

  • Sports nutrition with a phenomenal growth of 43 percent
  • Diet Formulas growing at 20 percent
  • Meal Replacements and Powders growing at 12 percent

Demographics To Focus On This Fall

The 50+ Age Group - About 10,000 people turn 50 every day. According to Over-the-Counter Nutritional Supplements: U.S. Market Trends and Key Players report, the 50-59 age bracket is the largest, wealthiest, and most health-conscious group the U.S. They also face a wide range of general and specific health concerns. For men, this includes prostate health issues, loss of muscle mass, and maintaining healthy testosterone levels. For women, menopause and bone health are major concerns. 9

In addition to the above, this demographic is also drawn to natural ingredients that help enhance moods, cognitive health, promote energy, and support immune function. 10

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June 8th, 2013

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