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Finding Success with Order Fulfillment - NutraScience Labs Case Study

Last updated: January-24,2022

Finding Success with Fulfillment - A NutraScience Labs Case Study

NutraScience Labs played a key role in building a custom manufacturing model for a fitness industry client. Tailored to satisfy all the quality parameters and to leverage a booming market’s opportunities, this model was sharply focused on achieving optimum results within budget - ensuring order fulfillment through efficient management of resources.

The Situation

The client, an emerging player in the health and fitness industry, was struggling to achieve the set targets of order fulfillment while the time was ripe. With the demand for fitness and health products burgeoning, they needed a supplier who could keep up with their production requirements. However, the client’s supplier at the time did not offer drop shipping solutions or order fulfillment options.

Another area of concern was to build production capability to satisfy the increasingly adventurous flavor palates of consumers. The client had not been able to find a manufacturing partner who could offer fair pricing for their requirement of superior quality and flavoring capabilities for their powder supplements.

The Challenges

Timely Fulfillment of Orders

Awareness about health and fitness had propelled the demand for nutritional supplements. The client needed a supplier who would ensure timely delivery to its customers in the United States and other countries as well. The current supplier did not offer order fulfillment, as well as drop shipping options.

Finding the Right Contract Supplement Manufacturing Partner

Finding the right contract supplement manufacturing partner who could provide premium quality raw materials at fair prices proved to be a challenge for this brand.

Managing Increased Demand

Optimizing supply chain operations, efficiently managing resources to meet the increasing demand and to ensure repeat orders was a challenge.

The Solution

We helped the client develop a custom fulfillment plan to ensure that the demand was met to leverage the health and fitness industry boom. They needed a local partner who would charge fair prices and maintain quality while conforming to safety standards. The resource management plan also needed a revamp to achieve optimal results.

Solutions We Implemented

  • Expanded Product Storage

    An investment was made to expand our storage capacities, which would ensure a reduction of stock-out situations and ensure that retailers in the United States, as well as outside, would be able to meet the market demand.

  • Customized Pricing

    A customized pricing model was adopted depending on the lead time and order quantity. After making a thorough analysis of the market prices, a fair price could be determined to ensure optimal spends.

  • Resource Management

    We studied all the paradigms involved in manufacturing (i.e., quality, cost, delivery time, etc.) and placed dedicated account & warehouse management and operations resources to help manage and track the day-to-day business of the client on a real-time basis - ensuring full capacity.

The Results

Results of Order Fulfillment Case Study

NutraScience Labs proved to be an efficient partner in helping the client capitalize on the growing popularity of health and fitness supplements:

✔ Our solutions proved to be effective in helping the “emerging” client achieve an edge over competitors and become "a name to reckon with".
✔ Our supervised and customized manufacturing plan helped leverage the trendiness of nutritional supplements in the health and fitness industry at the right time.
✔ Our simulated models, made after studying the effects of drivers and barriers, helped the client in achieving operational efficiency and successfully managing day-to-day aspects.
✔ The resulting expanded production capacity ensured timely fulfillment of orders and optimal management of inventory.

If customization and timeliness are what you're looking for in a supplement contract manufacturer, contact NutraScience Labs to learn how we can help your business. Call (855) 492-7388 to speak to one of our knowledgeable representatives or send us your request to receive a free price quote.

March 20th, 2020

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Andrew Goldman

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