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Five Branding Mistakes Nutraceutical Companies Must Avoid Making

Last updated: February-9,2021

5 Branding Mistakes Nutraceutical Companies Must Avoid (Free Tips Download)


Believe it or not, most nutraceutical companies are little more than their brand. It's hard to patent your product and you're required by law to list the ingredients on the label. So everyone in the world, including your competitors, knows what's in it.

While your formula matters, most manufacturers have product development specialists that are pretty good at reverse engineering even the most exotic ingredient and flavor combinations. So no matter how clever you are, you might not be as far ahead of the pack as you think.

A good formula is essential, but not sufficient for real differentiation. It has to be partnered with a marketing strategy that hits the right people at the right time.

Think of the most successful products you want to emulate. Chances are there are plenty of similar products out there that do the same thing.

People don't buy health supplements because of what's inside the bottle. They buy them because they want to address a certain issue or issues.

Knowing who these people are, what issues they're trying to target,how your product presents a solution, and how you're going to reach these people is the essence of branding. With good branding you can make lots of other mistakes and still be okay.

So with that being said, Jonathan Bechtel from Health Kismet has compiled the 5 most common branding mistakes owners of nutraceutical companies must avoid making. Go ahead and download your free tip sheet now.

December 15th, 2015

About the Author:

Jonathan Bechtel

Jonathan Bechtel has been the owner of Health Kismet, a nutrition company that manufactures and markets nutrient powders to aid digestion, cognition, and mood support since 2011. He studied nutritional biochemistry at The Ohio State University and loves basketball, the Pacific NW, and every aspect of the natural product industry.