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Launching an Immunity Support Supplement Seamlessly

Last updated: December-29,2021

How We Seamlessly Created a Multi-vitamin Supplement that Addressed Immune Support

NutraScience Labs helped its client, a first-time dietary supplement brand owner, emulate a popular blue cyanin product. With over 120 years of nutraceutical experience, the team at NutraScience Labs guided and helped their client create a high-quality dietary supplement that as you’ll soon learn performed extremely well once it was brought to the market.

The Situation

Being a first-time dietary supplement owner, the client didn't have a vitamin manufacturing background and was looking for an experienced and knowledgeable contract vitamin manufacturer to create a line of well-formulated products for them.

The client had a niche target audience in mind consisting of health-conscious and environment-friendly individuals and had very specific requests for her product.

The Challenges

The client wanted to develop a custom immunity-based product with environment-friendly packaging. Additionally, being a first-time supplement brand owner, the client was not aware of the essential information needed to make vital decisions in the supplement manufacturing process. For instance, the client was unfamiliar with the organic certification process which caused her to question whether bringing an uncertified product to the market was the correct choice or not. Ultimately, we provided her with the guidance she needed to make an informed decision.

The small product quantity also posed a challenge for the packaging and labels she requested. Further, an increase in volume from 1,500 packages to 50,000 packets caused the customer to search for alternative packaging material for the supplement.

The Solution

We successfully helped the client develop a good-quality line of immunity-boosting supplements line by overcoming the previously mentioned challenges. Our team guided the client through the end-to-end supplement development process and offered world-class turnkey services, including labeling and packaging solutions.

Expert Guidance

We provided additional attention and explanation to the client through constant care and discussion. We also helped the client understand the industry and nutraceutical guidelines that pertained to her unique requirements.

Make Informed Decisions

Our team presented the client with detailed information and thoroughly discussed and explained the FDA’s requirements, pricing information, and organic product options. This helped the client make an informed decision to move forward without the organic certification process.

Insights on Packaging Alternatives

NutraScience Labs offered the client various packaging options, ranging from individual serving packets to small bottles, to help them overcome the packaging and labeling challenges they faced. Our in-house testing knowledge and efforts helped the client choose the perfect bottle sizes that best represented the supplement's volume, color, and texture. We offered recyclable HDPE/PET bottles to meet the demand for environment-friendly packaging material.

The Result

We provided seamless alternatives that helped maintain the products’ integrity, while simultaneously keeping ideal target market in mind. With the help of our certified food scientist, we were able to identify the best flavoring options. We also solved the various packaging issues that arose and ultimately delivered a finished product that met our client’s expectations.

The client was pleased and appreciated NutraScience Labs' consistent efforts and dedication to the project. Our transparent information about various options with the best possible pricing and different timeframes allowed the client to have complete control of her product launch.

The client spent roughly $45,000 on two custom immunity-boosting products. Utilizing our services for additional label coordination and packaging details, she depended on her team at NutraScience Labs to answer critical questions and provide project management updates, which we did.

New to the World of Dietary Supplement Manufacturing?

With over 120 years of dietary supplement industry experience and expertise, NutraScience Labs has provided over 2,300 supplement brands with end-to-end contract supplement manufacturing and world-class turnkey services, including award-winning, FDA-complaint labeling, packaging, and order fulfillment services.

To learn how we can help start or grow your supplement business, call us at 855-492-7388 to speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives or send us your request to receive a free manufacturing price quote.

March 23rd, 2021

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