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How NSL Helped a New Dietary Supplement Company Become An Amazon Best-Selling Brand

Last updated: January-27,2022

How NutraScience Labs Helped a New Dietary Supplement Company Become An Amazon Best-Selling Brand

Approximately three years ago, two international entrepreneurs decided to start a new dietary supplement company and chose NutraScience Labs as their contract supplement manufacturer.

They wanted to enter the nutraceuticals market with high-quality products and an innovative, customized, and efficient inventory management system. Fast product turnaround and a successful system launch were the key ingredients to helping this new brand achieve a competitive edge and become a market leader in a short span of time.

The following case study explains the various challenges that were presented to us, how we overcame them, and how NutraScience Labs ultimately helped them become a best-selling brand on Amazon.

The Situation

An international start-up dietary supplement company sought to work with a qualified contract supplement manufacturer based in the United States.

Among their list of requirements, their supplement manufacturing partner needed to:

  • Demonstrate a proven track record of success working with international and domestic start-up brands.
  • Have a thorough understanding of GMP and international dietary supplement regulations.
  • Understand the current state of the market and possess insight into the future of the industry.

The Challenges

Challenges to Starting a Dietary Supplement Company

Label Design Requirements

The client required top-notch printing on shrink sleeves - which comes with a major application issue of design shrinkage. The challenge was to ensure that the artwork conformed to various design packages without compromising the branding in any way.

Successful Shipping

Becoming a trusted dietary supplement brand on Amazon was one of the client's primary business goals - setting up an efficient and optimized way of shipping their products to Amazon and being able to keep up with consumer demand were key to achieving this.

New Industry Player

The client was new to the dietary supplement industry and required a deep-seated understanding of the market environment and industry compliance standards in order to grow and thrive.

Inventory Management

In order to establish the client's brand in a new market, it was critical to mitigate the risk of a stock-out situation to guarantee that demand fulfillment was not affected in any way.

The Solution

We needed an approach that would convert the challenges into newer possibilities for our client. A strategy was devised with the goal of making the product a household name. To implement it, ensuring top-notch quality, creating brand value, and ensuring customer loyalty with timely delivery of orders was crucial.

NutraScience Labs Customer Success Story

Solutions We Implemented:

Customized Supplement Packaging Design - Understanding the usage of films according to shrink capabilities and using high-end technology, our experts ran a print trial to consider the element of distortion and ensured that design intent was not affected and did not appear disproportionate.

Product Sampling - To save time, a sampling process for all types of powders was implemented to furnish real-time updates on flavor profiles to brand owners.

Customized Order Fulfillment - A custom fulfillment package was designed to specifically cater to Amazon logistics and order demands which ensured on-time delivery for these products.

Inventory Management - An effective inventory management program was adopted with which out-of-stock issues were reduced to a bare minimum.

The Results

Start Up Supplement Company - Key Achievements

Successful implementation of logistics and inventory strategies, after predicting consumer demand with Amazon, proved to be extremely beneficial in positioning our client as a dominant player.

Our Key Achievements Included:

  • Using our expertise and knowledge of the industry, our client, an international company with no prior experience selling dietary supplements, was able to successfully enter the competitive U.S. market.
  • By employing unique branding and fulfillment solutions, our client - a start-up brand that was new to the natural flavor and sweetener category - quickly became a market leader.
  • The client's brand became one of the best-sellers on Amazon.

Amazon Dietary Supplement Company Success Story Infographic

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August 27th, 2019

About the Author:

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