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Spring 2023 Supplement Manufacturing Trends

Last updated: January-31,2023

Spring 2023 Supplement Manufacturing Trends

While consumers are busy enjoying the holiday season, supplement brand owners must start planning for the year ahead to stay on top of the projected trends. This article discusses the Spring 2023 market opportunities, statistics, and supplement trends that new and existing brand owners should be aware of. Dive in to get an overview of the market and ideas on how to succeed in the coming year.

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Immunity Boosting Supplements

Since the pandemic, almost everyone has started taking immune health seriously, which we expect will continue in the future. The market for supplements for immune health is believed to double between 2020 and 2027, giving it a forecasted value of $28.9 million.[i] Understanding the importance of nutrition and its role in the immune system can help individuals be more prepared for whatever illness life might have in store. Immune boosters, when taken regularly, can help reduce the symptoms of an illness and help reduce the period of the sickness, making them a hit among consumers. Supplement brand owners must ensure their portfolio includes immune support supplements such as vitamin C, vitamin D, and quercetin, which are sure to be in massive demand in the coming year.

Mood Enhancing and Mental Health Supplements

Along with physical health, it is also vital for individuals to take care of their mental health, which is one of the main reasons why the sale of supplements that help with stress and similar issues have grown 75% year-over-year.[ii] Health enthusiasts and medical practitioners have recognized the potential demonstrated by mood-boosting supplements containing blends of adaptogens in multiple health conditions—making them essential products for supplement brand owners to consider adding to their portfolio. Such supplements have been shown to promote stress relief and boost one’s mood.

Stress Support Supplements

The anxiety and stress relief supplements market has seen continuous growth over the past few years and is set to reach a value of $756.6 million by 2028.[iii] The APA’s “Survey of Stress in America” in 2020 revealed the average stress levels of individuals is a whopping 5.4 out of 10, making it difficult for some people even to make basic decisions resulting in the increase in demand for stress support supplements. Check out our article our new guide, “Trending Stress And Sleep Management Supplement Ingredients in 2023” to find new ingredients that you should consider formulating your products with.

Trending Supplements of 2023

Weight Management Supplements

As diabetes and weight gain have become more prominent around the globe, more and more supplement brand owners have started adding weight management dietary supplements to their product line. Some of the most common ingredients in weight management supplements are chromium, guar gum, and caffeine. These ingredients are readily available to most dietary supplement manufacturers, making it easier for brand owners to create their unique blend of minerals, herbs, and fiber to help their customers manage their weight.

Collagen Supplements

The global collagen supplement market size is set to grow at a CAGR of 5.2%, meaning the total projected value will be $4.6 billion by 2023.[iv] With health benefits like promoting healthier skin, maintaining bone health, supporting muscles & healthy joints, and the overall promotion of heart health, it is only natural that collagen supplements are the talk of the town today.[v] This trend will continue in the years ahead as more people begin to understand the benefits of adding a collagen supplement to their diet.

Vegan Supplements

Plant-based and animal alternatives are absolutely trending. While the number of individuals choosing vegan and other plant-based diets has increased, it is essential for supplement brand owners to adapt to this change in customer interest and include more vegan supplements in their product line. Vegan supplements also have the added benefit of better bioavailability, additional cofactors and co-nutrients, and lower toxicity rates.[vi] The global plant protein market amounted to $29.4 billion in 2020 and is set to grow to over $162 billion by 2030. This is 7.7% of the global protein market, thus qualifying vegan supplements as a mega trend in the dietary supplement market.[vii]

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December 23rd, 2022

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