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Green Tea Health Benefits

Last updated: April-10,2020

Green Tea Health Benefits

Green Tea Health Benefits

Recent reports citing the health benefits of green tea have sparked demand for Green tea-derived products amongst health-conscious Americans. Even popular coffee brands such as Starbucks have increased their array of tea offerings. Additionally, companies like Coca-Cola and Nestle have followed suit with their own brand of innovative Green tea products.

Preferring green tea-based products over coffee has become the latest trend. As a result, tea sales rose annually for both beverage and non-beverage categories. In the last two decades, tea imports have increased by 25 percent. The import of Green tea has increased by 118 percent. In 2007, the Ready-to-Drink (RTD) variety of tea experienced a growth of 20 percent. These are all great reasons for nutraceutical manufacturers to go green on tea.

Join The Green Tea Party!

According to Mintel (Tea and RTD Tea, May 2007) about 76 percent of households have at least one member who drinks tea. Out of this, 37 percent prefer the organic variety and 60 percent say they enjoy drinking blended varieties with fruity flavors. But this surge in popularity is not limited to the United States. All over Europe, tea consumption has risen, and the color of choice is Green.

Green tea is made from the same tea plant as black tea - camellia sinensis. The benefits of Green tea over black are clear. Green tea benefits include four times the antioxidant power of black tea. The difference between black tea and green tea is in the processing. Green tea is steamed; black tea is fermented. Steaming tea retains more of its powerful antioxidants and health-imparting constituents.

Benefits of Green Tea

A wealth of research supports Green tea health benefits for sustaining skin health, oral health, cardiovascular health, and gastric health. It also can play a role in weight management..

More consumers are seeking Green tea health benefits indicated by several market drivers:

  • One of the major market drivers of Green tea are the validations it has received from scientific research. According to a report from Frost & Sullivan, Green Tea Extracts Market, scientific validations of Green tea health benefits will continue to drive the Green tea market to further heights.
  • Consumers are well aware of the antioxidant rich profile of Green tea along with a wealth of Green tea health benefits.
  • Consumers are ready for more innovative products that highlight Green tea benefits. They are looking for more Green tea choices, and more convenient delivery forms.
  • Premium Green tea products are driving growth. Consumers believe quality products will have greater Green tea health benefits.
  • Organic claims attract health-conscious consumers who are looking for Green tea benefits.
  • A growing number of medical professionals acknowledge the benefits of Green tea and recommend consumption to their patients.

Popular products seen in the market today are:

  • Green Tea Extracts - This is one of the most popular forms of Green tea since it is a concentrated liquid. Green tea extract benefits versatility of use and therefore is a popular delivery form. Any beverage or recipe can be fortified with Green tea benefits. Green tea extract benefits include extra antioxidant potency.
  • Green Tea Supplements - Supplements can highlight any of Green tea's benefits. For instance, Green tea's thermogenic properties help the body to burn calories faster and can be used in weight management supplements.
  • Cosmetics - Green tea health benefits include skin health. Green tea is a popular ingredient in cosmetics and skin healthcare products.

Benefit of Green Tea Supplement Manufacturing

Growth for the Green tea extract market is expected to increase 13 percent over the next five years according to Packaged Facts. Innovative products create the buzz and attract sales. With tea sales (including Green tea supplements) predicted by Packaged Facts to exceed $10 billion by 2010, nutraceutical brand owners are encouraged to meet consumer demand by providing a variety of Green tea supplement choices. Consumers are looking for Green tea supplements that are convenient and offer high quality health benefits.

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