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Healthy Aging Ingredient Spotlight: Collagen & Astaxanthin

Last updated: December-21,2020

Healthy Aging Ingredients: Collagen & Astaxanthin

Getting older – whether we like it or not it's inevitable. Aging comfortably and in good health has become a growing concern among those in their 50's, 60's, and beyond - and among those in their 20's and 30's (who are looking ahead to what life might be like for their older selves). As a result, demand for supplements capable of supporting healthy aging needs has been on the rise.

Formulating Supplements with "Healthy Aging" in Mind

For consumers looking to improve their quality of life in the moment and for those thinking about their quality of life down the road, certain dietary supplement ingredients and formulations may be able to offer support. In today's marketplace, there are a number of "rising stars" when it comes to healthy aging and "beauty from within" needs. 


Some, especially those who live and breath nutraceuticals, might argue that currently - collagen is having a moment. 

Naturally produced by the body following the breakdown of amino acids (which are pulled from protein rich foods and supplements), demand for and interest in collagen has sky-rocketed in recent years. [1]

Studies have suggested that collagen may be support the body’s ability to maintain lean muscle mass, support healthy skin and hair, and support bone health in seniors when paired with regular exercise.[ 2][3][4][5][6][7]


Research has linked this keto-carotenoid to both skin and vision support. Commonly derived from marine sources, Astaxanthin is regularly featured as a component both vision and skin health formulations.

NSL Blog Astaxanthin

As a vision support ingredient, research has suggested that astaxanthin may offer benefits in ways similar to two other popular eye health ingredients - lutein and zeaxanthin. What sets astaxanthin apart is the research suggesting that it may in be a stronger antioxidant component and offer more benefits in terms of potential UV-light protection. [8] 


While aging is inevitable and the results of it are unfortunate, there seems to be solutions to some problems.  Healthy aging is on top concern, and with the help of supplements that contain collagen and astaxanthin, “aging gracefully” can become a reality. 

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July 2nd, 2018

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