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Last updated: June-24,2021

How Generational Preferences Affect Buying Behavior

According to an article published by Nutraceuticals World, a study conducted by a Chicago-based marketing company evaluated assumptions about dietary supplement brands that market their product(s) to consumers across different generational segments.

The results of the study found that supplement brand owners cannot assume one message or marketing tactic works for all consumer ages and types, even though the product(s) could have efficacy across multiple age groups. In other words, consumers engage with supplement brands/products based on their own preferences, experiences and interests.

Here are the key findings of the study, broken down by generational category:

Baby Boomers: Born 1946 - 1964

  • 80% of Baby Boomers use supplements, as per the Council for Responsible Nutrition.
  • Marketing should stay positive and provide useful information.
  • They want proven benefits and look for products related to healthy living & are wary of adverse health effects.
  • They prefer pills, vitamins, natural supplements & condition-specific products.

Gen X: Born 1965 - 1976

  • 75% of Gen Xers are supplement users, as per the Council for Responsible Nutrition.
  • Marketing should stress convenience, taste, and use in everyday meals.
  • They want plant-based protein products with workout or weight management benefits.
  • They don't want artificial ingredients, pills or products that have a bad taste or aftertaste.

Millennials or Gen Y: Born 1977 - 1995

  • 74% of Millennials/Generation Y are supplement users, as per the Council for Responsible Nutrition.
  • Plant-based protein products in ready-to-drink (RTD) format dominate.
  • They want natural ingredients, clean label products.
  • Fitness and their own general health and wellness are important to them.

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November 29th, 2018

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