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How (Not) to Name Your Dietary Supplement Product or Company?

Last updated: January-27,2021

How (Not) to Name Your Dietary Supplement Company?

Here's the question you need to ask yourself: Would my health supplement - if called by any other name - sell as well?

So, you’ve finally figured out what your first dietary supplement product is going to be and who or what exactly your dietary supplement company is going to be. Congratulations! Now it’s time to make things happen.

Along with working through the vital logistics (things like your products formulation, finding the right dietary supplement contract manufacturer, figuring out who you’re going to sell it to, how you’re going to sell it, etc.), you’re going to have to settle on a name – for both your product and your brand.

Before you do that, there are a few factors, hints, tips, and best practices that you may want to consider.

How (Not) to Name Your Health Supplement Business or Product?

While there isn’t a single right way to go about creating and finalizing a name, there are certain methods, and choices that the creative, marketing, supplement, and internet communities agree are worth avoiding.

Mistake #1: You committed to your supplement brand/company name before running it through a quick web search.

The reason for taking the time to run any potential names through your search engine of choice is simple: Just because you haven't heard of or seen a company or brand that uses your name of choice, it certainly doesn't mean they're not out there.

Mistake #2: The name you've chosen sounds awfully similar to the name of your competitor's product.

If you want to help your dietary supplement product stand out, then you probably don't want to give it a name that helps it fit right in with your competitors' products. Your product needs a name that's unique to your mission and your brand.

Mistake #3: You've chosen a company or supplement name that technically belongs to someone else.

You've established your supplement company; your first product is on the market (and doing great). Nothing can slow you down!

Well...that's not exactly true. There are certain obstacles capable of presenting themselves - like, say, a letter detailing how you and your company are currently being accused of a trademark or copyright infringement.

Truthfully, this mistake ties into the same oversights that characterize mistake number one.

Along with considering legal counsel's advice throughout the process of establishing your company and product, the United States Patent and Trademark Office happens to have an online directory that can be accessed here.

Mistake #4: Having a supplement name that sounds similar to something negative.

An example of how bad supplement product names can ruin sales and brands - AYDS Diet Candy Supplement. Many people associated the name of the product with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), and as a result, the product was extremely unsuccessful.

Mistake #5: Choosing a supplement company name that is too hard to say, hear or spell.

In a field where word of mouth is one of the best ways of gaining a larger customer base, your product or company wouldn’t do as well if your users are not able to talk about it to their friends and family because they can't spell or pronounce it easily.

Make sure your company and product name are easy to spell and say, and hence, convenient to remember and share.

Mistake #6: Your Name Is Too Descriptive 

What’s in a name? NOT the entire description of your product! Ensure that your product name is crisp and concise instead of long, descriptive, and boring.

Mistake #7: Your Name Is Too Generic 

A generic name wouldn’t stand out in a large market because it will make your company look like just any other company out there.

Mistake #8: You Haven't Tested Your Name with Your Target Audience 

Your company and product names are short, catchy, easy to say and hear, and unique. But do they convey the expected message to your audience?

Once you have the name (or names) you are considering, take that extra step and test it with your target customers to make sure it delivers the image you want and resonates correctly with your audience.

Once you have the name (or names) you are considering, take the extra step and test it with the target to make sure it delivers the image you want and it resonates correctly. And make sure that the target can easily pronounce the name.

Finding the Right Name for Your Supplement Company or Product

No matter what your situation may be, choosing a name for any element of your business is no small task. It's a decision worthy of careful consideration, market research, most importantly - your time.

Also, remember that branding and marketing are two separate but essential processes and are of paramount importance for the success of any business. These 4 tips will help be on point when it comes to branding and marketing your dietary supplement.

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