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How Not to Name Your Dietary Supplement Product or Company

How (Not) to Name Your Dietary Supplement Product or Company?

One of the most famous lines in English literature (and one of hundreds that can be attributed to that famous British bard, Billy Shakespeare), plays out like this:

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet…”

When the young and fair Juliet (of “Romeo & Juliet” fame) dramatically delivers these lines to the equally young and fair Romeo, the point she’s trying to make is (basically) this:

No matter how something is named, it will always be what it is. Example: If “roses” were called “garbage,” they’d still smell sweet. Names don’t matter, Romeo.

And while she may be right when it comes to certain things like roses that will always smell sweet or her beloved Romeo – so far as the worlds of consumer goods and marketing in 2017 are concerned – a name can be EVERYTHING.

The Question:
Would my supplement – if called by any other name – sell as well?

So you’ve finally figured out what you first dietary supplement product is going to be and who, exactly, your dietary supplement company is going to be. Congratulations! Now it’s time to make. things. happen.

Along with working through the vital logistics (things like your products formulation, finding the right dietary supplement contract manufacturer, figuring out who you’re going to sell it to, how you’re going to sell it, etc., etc.), you’re going to have to settle on a name – for both your product and your brand.

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Before you do that, there a few factors, hints, tips, and best practices that you may want to consider.

How Not To Name Your Dietary Supplement Product or Company

While there isn’t a single right way to go about creating and finalizing a name, there are certain methods and choices that the creative, marketing, supplement, and internet communities agree are worth avoiding.

Mistake #1:
You committed to your supplement brand/company name before running it through a quick web search.

The reason for taking the time to run any potential names through your search engine of choice is simple: Just because you haven't heard of or seen a company or brand that uses your name of choice, it certainly doesn't mean they're not out there.

Mistake #2:
The name you've chosen sounds awfully similar to the name of you competitor's product.

If you want to help your dietary supplement product stand out, then you probably don't want to give it a name that helps it fit right in with your competitors' products. Your product needs a name that's unique to your mission and your brand.

Mistake #3:
You've chosen a product or company name that technically belongs to someone else.

You've established your supplement company, your first product is on the market (and doing great). Nothing can slow you down!

Well... that's not exactly true. There are certain obstacles capable of presenting themselves - like, say, a letter detailing how you and your company are currently being accused of a trademark or copyright infringement.

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Truthfully, this mistake ties into the same oversights that characterize mistake number one.

Along with considering the advice of legal counsel throughout the process of establishing your company and product, the United States Patent and Trademark Office happens to have an online directory that can be accessed here.

Finding the Right Name for Your Supplement Company or Product

No matter what your situation may be, choosing a name for any element of your business is no small task. It's a decision worthy of careful consideration, market research, most importantly - your time.

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January 10th, 2017

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