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Is this the key to enhancing your next custom protein blend?

Last updated: April-14,2020

Protein and Probiotics – Is This the Combo for Your Next Custom Protein Blend?

Chocolate and peanut butter, macaroni and cheese, and now – probiotics and protein? You’d better believe it! In the light of recent research, it looks like protein powder formulations that include probiotic components might be better suited to support the needs of the athletes and consumers who use them.

Fueled (at least in part) by the fact that the two markets are expected to have a combined worth of more than 40 billion USD by 2020, an impressive amount of research concerning the relationship between probiotics and proteins has been generated over the last few years.

Where's the data?

Looking for some scientific evidence? Currently, there are dozens of protein/probiotic-focused studies out there. Check out these highlights from a recent study that honed in on a potential correlation between casein protein and a particular strain of probiotics.

Study: Probiotics, Casein Protein & Muscle

What did they find? After comparing the effects of casein protein alone against the effects of casein protein in combination with Ganeden BC30, the research found that volunteers who received the custom protein blend  and probiotic combo saw increased recovery, less muscle damage, and improved athletic performance.

How did they find those results? Via a test group of 29 male volunteers with an average age of 22. Each participant was given 20 grams of casein along or 20 grams of casein WITH 1 billion CFUs of Ganeden BC30.

Over a two week testing period, researchers recorded and analyzed key aspects of athletic performance after volunteers engaged in "a damaging, single-leg exercise bout."

The Conclusion

When it comes to this particular study, researchers felt that “the probiotic supplement tended to protect the muscle from damage and may have helped recovery of physical performance.”

Such studies provide strong evidence of a positive relationship between certain proteins and probiotics, indicating a significantly bright future for probiotic protein powder.

In the months and years ahead, finding the right probiotic to pair with the right protein may be a simple and effective way to differentiate your protein supplement from every other powder on the market.

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November 9th, 2016

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