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Growing Consumer Demand for Well-Researched Male Sexual Health Supplements

Last updated: April-14,2020

Growing Consumer Demand for Well-Researched Male Sexual Health Supplements

Male Sexual Health Supplements

Sex is more important than money. That's what a study led by Dr. David Blanchflower, professor of Economics at the University of Warwick in England, revealed after analyzing data from 16,000 Americans linking income, sexual behavior and reported happiness. Researchers estimated that the happiness generated by increasing intimacy from once a month to once a week was equivalent to getting a $50,000 raise! These findings confirm what psychologists have hinted at for a long time: people who engage in more sexual activity in committed relationships tend to be happier than those who don't. 1

Sexual health is important to both men and women and age-related problems in this area can affect happiness. As men grow older, hormonal changes resulting in lower testosterone levels may lead to waning interest in sex and fatigue. Other factors that may prevent men from enjoying a healthy sex life could be depression, stress, smoking, being overweight, or chronic health conditions. To regain a vigorous sex life, aging men are increasingly turning to male sexual health supplements.

More Men Turning to Sexual Health Supplements

Consumers are also wary of dangerous, long term side effects that pharmaceuticals may cause. As an alternative, many men are turning to natural solutions. According to the Nutrition Business Journal, sales of libido-support supplements rose from $140 million in 1999 to more than $480 million in 2009. 2 In 2010, the sale of natural libido supplements was up even when the economy was down, showing once again, the importance of sex over money. Sexual health is an important aspect of an individual's wellbeing. 3

Overcoming Unscrupulous Practices

In order to sell their sexual health supplement, some supplement business owners make exaggerated and outrageous marketing claims to hype up their product's effects. Some have been known to spike their supplements with synthetic drug ingredients and analogs. In January 2011, Functional Ingredients reported the FDA's crackdown on a so-called natural supplement containing an FDA-approved drug called Sildenafil, a treatment used for male erectile dysfunction. 4

As more of these incidents have been made public, consumers have become more savvy to such practices and prefer to buy products that have credible research supporting realistic claims. Herbal or natural formulations are preferred because they work with the body's natural systems to support healthy testosterone levels. Reliable research supporting their efficacy make natural testosterone boosters an attractive option to consumers.

Use Time-tested, Quality Ingredients

A number of herbs and natural ingredients can help support sexual health. They help support normal functions and sexual performance.  The results may be seen over a period of time.

When formulating your sexual health supplements, you may want to consider adding the following ingredients:

Fenugreek seeds - Gencor's Testofen is a standardized fenugreek seed extract that has undergone scientific investigation. It contains 50 percent fenusides. Fenusides are bio-active compounds that are essential to enhancing libido performance. The evidence from research suggests that fenugreek seed extracts may increase testosterone, including free testosterone and thereby enhance libido, build muscle mass, improve energy and stamina. 5

A combination of Pycnogenol, proprietary extract from French maritime pine bark, and L-arginine has shown benefits for men who suffer from reduced sexual performance. The blend was seen to improve sexual desire and performance. 6

Start Manufacturing Your Own Line of Male Sexual Health Supplements With NutraScience Labs!

As a supplement business owner, we know you feel an obligation to provide your customers with the best nutritional formulations to help them achieve desired benefits. No hypes. No exaggerated claims and no adulteration. NutraScience Labs can help you manufacture high-quality male sexual health supplements that are formulated to support sexual health.

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December 27th, 2012

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