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Last updated: March-3,2022

Health Enthusiasts Turn to Maqui Berry for Health Benefits

Consumers are buzzing for Maqui berries, the latest craze in a line of exotic and enticing superfruits. "Superfruits" was a term invented in 2004 to define fruits that are known for their exceptional nutritive value and antioxidant wealth. Since then fruit juices from pomegranates, goji berries, noni, mangosteen, seabuckthorn are much to be desired and there is an increasing public demand for such products.

Prompted by the super fast success of pomegranate products, the Acai berries, Goji berries and a few others are receiving their share of the limelight as well. Some say that the market is supersaturated with superfruits. But sales records show that consumers are curious, always ready to leave the old and try something new, especially a product perceived to offer more health value.

And the Maqui Berry promises just that - more health value for the price!  These deep purple berries are found in Patagonia, a geographic region located in Chile and Argentina. These parts of the world are said to be the cleanest in the world since they are left virtually “untouched” by modern civilization.

Popularity of Antioxidant Berries

With companies like Coca-Cola and Dr. Pepper Snapple Group joining the market, the public infatuation for superfruits has turned into full-fledged romance! Bigger brands entering the market are galvanizing the image of superfruits and their antioxidant power, leading to more consumer demand. In 2007, Goji berries made the top ten list of the most popular antioxidants, marking a sales growth of 51 percent. In that same year, the Acai berries recorded a sales growth of 83 percent (according to NBJ).

Make Room for Maqui Berries!

From being spawned as weight support aids, to energy providers, to immune supporters, the Maqui berry has already had its share of hype and popularity. The best way to market the Maqui berry would be let it speak for itself:

The 2007 USDA ORAC Report shows the Maqui Berry to have an ORAC value of 27,600 for every 100 grams as against the Acai berry which contains an ORAC level of 16,700.

Benefits of Antioxidants

Antioxidants have no equivalent in conventional medicine. Antioxidants in various forms - juices, nutritional supplements - are being consumed by millions around the world as a means of supporting healthcare. Antioxidants uniquely fill a niche that no other product can fill, basically because they work at the basic cellular level. Awareness of antioxidants and their impact on health has exponentially spurred the growth of this segment of the nutraceutical industry. Conservative estimations predict that the sale of antioxidants will reach $10 billion globally by 2011.

According to the Natural Marketing Institute, 47 percent of antioxidant consumers use antioxidants as weight management aids and as healthy-aging agents, 38 percent for supporting general health, 38 percent for improving mental alertness, 30 percent for anxiety and a good percentage use them for supporting immune health and combating occasional seasonal allergies.

Maqui Berries: Versatile Delivery Forms

Maqui berries can be manufactured as juices, capsules, concentrated liquids, tablets, freeze-dried powders and other innovate forms! There is already much excitement surrounding the Maqui berry creating versatile opportunities that can potentially maximize a supplement manufacturer’s brand image and increase bottom line profits.

June 9th, 2009

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