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901 motor Parkway Opening Press Release

Last updated: February-11,2022

NutraScience Labs Opens New Distribution Center 


NutraScience Labs is expanding! We are pleased to formally announce the opening of our new GMP-certified by NSF distribution center at 901 Motor Parkway in Hauppauge, NY.


The new 13,500 square foot distribution center is a testimony of everything NutraScience Labs stands for. From solar power and gas-operated units to reduce our carbon footprint to unique racking systems that allow for quicker turnaround and lesser shipping times, we are reiterating our commitment to providing dietary supplement brands with world-class nutraceutical manufacturing services.


The official press release contains all the details you’d want to know about our new distribution center. In this press release, Adam Gershenson, Director of Logistics and Fulfillment Operations at NutraScience Labs, explains how the strategic location of the new distribution center will enable faster freight shipping. Also included in the release is a foreword from Vincent Tricarico, Executive Vice President at NutraScience Labs.  


With over 120 years of nutraceutical industry experience, the team at NutraScience Labs has provided best-in-class customized supplement manufacturing, award-winning packaging and label design services, and reliable order fulfillment solutions to more than 2,300 dietary supplement brands located around the globe.


For more information about creating a custom dietary supplement product, call 855-492-7388 to speak to one of our knowledgeable representatives or request a free manufacturing price quote.

February 11th, 2022

About the Author:

Andrew Goldman

Andrew Goldman is the Vice President of Marketing for NutraScience Labs. In this role, he leverages his 15+ years of B2B inbound marketing experience to develop cutting edge strategies for our firm. A health and fitness enthusiast, Andrew and his team won the 2012 Stevie Award for Marketing Team of the Year. He is also a two-time Best In Biz Silver Award winner for Marketing Executive of the Year and has received other honors and accolades for his website design work.