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NutraScience Labs' Top 10 Blog Post of 2016 - PART ONE

Last updated: August-20,2019

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NutraScience Labs' Top 10 Blog Post of 2016 - PART ONE

With less than a month to go until 2017, we're taking a look back at 2016! Since January, we've covered dozens of stories and topics, ranging from the breaking industry news to must-know terms and processes.

We've run the numbers and tallied the results as – picked by you, here are numbers 10 through 6 of our top blog posts of 2016!

The NutraScience Labs Blog: Top 10 Blog Posts of 2016

Post #10 - What Athletes Want: 3 Must-Consider Strength and Conditioning Supplements

NutraScience Labs Blog - What Athletes Want: 3 Must-Consider Strength and Conditioning Supplements

Sliding in at number 10, this athlete-centric piece was written up with the help of Aja Campbell, a local crossfit trainer and entrepreneur. This piece offers up an up close and personal look at three particular supplements/ingredients that are ideal for anyone looking to create or take a strength and conditioning-focused supplement formulation.

Post #9 - 10 Dietary Supplement Predictions for 2016 into 2017 - PART ONE

NutraScience Labs Blog - 10 Dietary Supplement Predictions for 2016 into 2017 Part One

This first of our 2016 prediction pieces, this post highlights ten different dietary supplement trends that we here at NutraScience Labs believe we'll be seeing a lot more of come 2017. Along with the handful that go without saying, one or two of the predictions on this list might surprise you. Which trends do you think will define 2017?

Post #8 - Probiotics & Weight Loss: Study Examines Fragmented Lactobacillus Strain

NutraScience Labs Blog - Probiotics for Weight Loss Study Examines Fragmented Lactobacillus Strain

Of all the studies we reviewed over the last year, this one captured your attention the most. According to the data that was collected at the end of the 12-week trial, certain strains of lactobacillus may be linked to weight loss. This study and others like it continue to highlight just how many applications probiotics may have. With millions of strains out there, who knows what the next big breakthrough will hold.

Post #7 - What are Vitamins and Minerals?

NutraScience Labs Blog Post - What are vitamins and minerals?

Sometimes the most popular questions are also the simplest ones. In an industry where knowing the basics is just as important as understanding advanced components.

Post #6 - The Truth about Magnesium Stearate

Nutrascience Labs Blog Post - The Truth About Magnesium Stearate

One of our favorite pieces to write this year, we decided to take a closer look at the much-discussed magnesium stearate. To say that industry feelings are mixed when it comes to this popular filler and flow agent would be an understatement. For our review, we decided to get up close and personal with four of the most popular magnesium stearate "talking points." What we found might surprise you.

Taking a closer look at the NutraScience Labs Blog's Top Five for 2016...

Stay tuned! We'll be revealing our top 5 posts next week! Until then, the rest of the NutraScience Labs Blog will be here to keep you company!


December 13th, 2016

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