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NutraScience Labs' Top Posts of 2017

Last updated: August-19,2019

NutraScience Labs' Top Posts of 2017

Where has the time gone? Seriously, it feels like we published our best of 2016 post just last week. Ready or not, 2018 has arrived! We’ve decided to start the new year with a look back at our top ten stories of 2017 as chosen by you!

NutraScience Labs’ Top 10 Blog Posts of 2017

From supplement marketing tips to our top predictions - here are our most popular blog posts:

10 - 5 Things to Consider When You Launch a Dietary Supplement Company [VIDEO]

Drawing on more than a decade's worth of nutraceutical manufacturing experiences, "5 Things to Consider When You Launch a Dietary Supplement Company" is a great first step for budding entrepreneurs who want to get a better idea of some of the most basic factors that need to be taken into account.


5 Common GMP questions asked by individuals looking to start a supplement company

9 - Answers to the Five Most Common GMP Questions Asked by Individuals Starting a Supplement Company

What is "GMP/cGMP"? What do these regulations mean for supplement brands? How important are they? Sometimes, the simplest questions can be some of the most important - which is why we've wrangled up answers to 5 of the most common GMP/cGMP-related questions that are asked by new supplement brand owners.


8 - 10 Dietary Supplement Predictions for 2016 into 2017 [Part Two]

How did we do? Did our 2017 predictions hit the mark? Last year we took a moment to shine the spotlight on 10 ingredients, trends, and categories that we felt would have the most significant impact on the year ahead. Part Two (of this two-part post).


7 - 5 Tips for Making Your Supplement Brand a Social Media Hit

You could have the best dietary supplement product in the world, but if it's not connected with customers and an audience, can it really be considered the best? With the help of social media expert and writer Stephanie Lee, we took a closer look at five of the must-consider tips for anyone looking to give their brand's social media game an edge.


6 - A Definitive Guide to Selling Supplements on Amazon

Amazon. Are there any industries that they haven't tried to revolutionize? Along with marking the birth of their five product, in-house and responsibly sourced "Elements" dietary supplement line - 2017 marked yet another impressive year for Amazon as a market-dominating, go-to supplement distribution opportunity.


Dietary Supplement Predictions for 20185 - Dietary Supplement Predictions for 2018

Last year we took a closer look at three promising categories that were shaping up to be big players in the 2018 nutraceutical year. How did we do? Do you think that adaptogens, plant-based proteins, and clean label have kept up their momentum?


What is pharmaceutical grade manufacturing4 - What is “pharmaceutical grade” manufacturing?

For many, the fact that "nutraceuticals" and "pharmaceuticals" are two completely different things (especially in the eyes of the FDA), can come as a surprise. Keeping that in mind, it makes sense that the standards for manufacturing nutraceuticals and those for manufacturing pharmaceuticals aren't one in the same. Do you know the difference?


Starting a Custom Dietary Supplement Line

3 - 6 Steps for Starting a Dietary Supplement Line

One ofour most popular blog posts in 2017 (and 2016), this six-step guide offers an introductory (but in-depth) look at what it takes to start a dietary supplement line. From honing your concept and formula to choosing the best packaging - here six tips that you definitely won't want to skip.


2 - 10 Dietary Supplement Predictions for 2016 into 2017 [Part One]

As the first half of last year's 2017 prediction series, Part One covered a wide variety of ingredient and industry trends ranging from regulatory and legal concerns to what may have been in store for the herbal ingredients marketplace.


1 - 3 Tips for Successfully Marketing Your Nutritional Supplement Line

Sliding into the #1 spot, "3 Tips for Successfully Marketing Your Nutritional Supplement Line" highlights three of our favorite tips and tricks for the savvy entrepreneur or modern marketing looking to fuel the success of their latest dietary supplement line.

The Takeaway

2018 has just begun! Stay tuned this month as we dive into more of what defined the last year in supplements and nutraceuticals and how those same factors (and some new players) may come to shape the year ahead!

January 9th, 2018

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