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NutraScience Labs Unveils Redesigned Website for 2017

Last updated: December-29,2021

NutraScience Labs Unveils Redesigned Website for 2017

On January 17th, 2017, we here at NutraScience Labs were very proud to announce the launch of our newly redesigned website!

Driven by our mission to provide dietary supplement brand owners, of any experience level, with a seamless experience from start to finish, the newly relaunched website features a number of new and enhanced features.

In the words of our Vice President of Marketing, Andrew Goldman:

"The mission of our organization is to make the lives of brand owners simpler and easier. This applies not only to the supplement manufacturing process, but to “front end” elements of our business – including how current and potential clients acquire information about our Company and the services we provide, how they gain insights into the latest industry news and trends, and how they request a custom price quote from us. We took a comprehensive look at our website, as well as two years’ worth of analytics data, and concluded that an upgrade was necessary."

One of the most significant updates to user experience was our decision to establish two clear paths for website visitors to choose from from the moment they entered our site: a path for those looking to start a supplement company, and a path for those looking to elevating their existing supplement brand.

Blayney McEneaney, our Vice President of Sales noted that:

“We made it a point to craft two unique pages that clearly describe our process, explain why we’re different, and how our 120 years’ of combined nutraceutical experience can help them achieve their goals.”

Along with updates to overall user experience, the relaunch included the addition of a brand new "Meet Our Team" page, and enhanced "Labeling and Packaging" page, and the addition of video coverage of our west coast manufacturing facilities to our "Contract Manufacturing" page.

The Year Ahead

It's our plan to continue making minor adjustments and improvements to the site throughout 2017. As always, it's our plan to continue doing everything in our power to provide our customers (and potential customers) with the highest class service, experience, and dietary supplement products possible!

You can view the official press release by clicking here.

January 18th, 2017

About the Author:

Melissa DellaBartolomea

Melissa DellaBartolomea was the resident Content Marketing Specialist at NutraScience Labs from February 2016 to July 2018. Driven by a passion for the world of written, visual, and digital media, she's dedicated herself to keeping up with all things nutraceutical. From ingredient insights to the latest in contract manufacturing regulations and trends, her mission is to provide our readers (like you) with the stories and knowledge they need to fuel long-term growth and nutraceutical industry success.