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NutraScience Labs Weekly Review: July 4th-10th 2016

Last updated: August-20,2019

Topics: Company News

NutraScience Labs Weekly Review: July 4th-10th 2016

From freedom flavors to plant protein problems – here are the topics that caught our attention for the week of July 4th, 2016.

Weekly Review : July 4th-10th, 2016

Monday July 4th - "Would You Try These 4th of July-Inspired Dietary Supplement Flavors?"

Would you try these 4th of July-inspired dietary supplement flavors?In honor of America's birthday we want to know: Would you be willing to try these red-white-'n-blue-summertime-backyard-barbecue-'Murica-inspired dietary supplement flavors? Read More... 

Tuesday July 5th - "Do You Know What's In Your Super Greens Blend?"

Do you know what's in your super greens blend?Green and plant-based supplements have continued to gain ground in the nutraceutical marketplace. When it comes to picking out a super greens blend or manufacturing your own - you may want to consider some of these popular (and nutrient-rich) ingredients. Read More...

Wednesday July 6th - "Plant Proteins: What's More Important - Taste or Texture?"

Plant_Proteins_Taste_Texture_Both (2)Formulating and manufacturing with plant proteins have their challenges; namely when it comes to crafting a consumer-friendly taste and texture combination. For  the more popular proteins there are some key characteristics worth considering. Read More...

Thursday July 7th - "The Battle Against Heart Disease: Fish-Based or Plant-Based Omega-3s?"

The Battle Against Heart Disease: Fish-Based and Plant-Based Omega-3sDespite decades of research concerning the effects of Omega-3s, the differences between plant-sourced and animal-sourced Omega-3s is still a hotly contested topic. Read more...

Friday July 8th - "3 Myths About Greens Powders"

3 Myths About Greens PowdersWe decided to tackle three of the more common (but only mostly false) myths concerning greens powders, blends and supplements. Were you tricked by any of these green myths? Read more...


July 10th, 2016

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