The ABCs of Product Packaging Part One

The ABCs of Product Packaging: Part One

When you’re developing a product, a lot of details need to be accounted for to make things pop. Will it taste good? Can we get the per-bottle cost low enough? How difficult would it be to get it certified organic?

It can be overwhelming. When all is said and done, you often have to juggle so many balls that it’s quite easy, even forgivable, to have a few slip between the cracks. In my experience, one of the details that frequently falls outside the entrepreneur’s gaze is packaging. Continue reading

Delivery Basics: Dietary Supplement Capsules, Tablets and Powders

Delivery Basics: Dietary Supplement Capsules, Tablets & Powders

You’ve established all of your key ingredients, you know which certifications you’d like it to have – two undeniably important factors – but have you settled on the delivery method? Finding the best delivery method for your product influences everything from the bioavailability and efficacy of its ingredients to cost per unit. Continue reading

Nutraceuticals 101 - What is a dietary supplement

Nutraceuticals 101: Defining ‘Dietary Supplement’

The Nutraceutical Industry is a conglomerate – a brand and product fuelled Frankenstein with arms and legs that reach into almost every corner of the health and wellness market from sports nutrition, to weight loss, to cognitive health. Continue reading

NSL_cGMP_Storage (2)

How to recognize a cGMP certified Warehouse or Storage Facility

The statement, “this is a dietary supplement (DS) cGMP-certified storage facility,” should catch the attention of every supplement brand owner/manufacturer looking for a storage solution. Along with being two fairly popular trains of thought, these happen to be two of our favorite reasons why that first statement should capture your attention Continue reading

Why can't the phrase 'all natural' apply to all dietary supplements?

Why can’t the phrase “All Natural” apply to all dietary supplements?

Americans are developing an insatiable appetite for natural products. An aging population, obesity crisis, and increasing concern over the sustainability of the food system have resulted in an evolving marketplace that sets a strong premium on products that come from the hands of the farmer, not the pharmacist. Continue reading

What's the difference between fat-soluble and water-soluble vitamins?

What’s the difference between Fat-Soluble and Water-Soluble vitamins?

From pre-workouts to traditional MVMs – vitamins are staples of the dietary supplement universe. Along with popular supplements like fish oils and probiotics, vitamins and multivitamins/minerals have earned a place as one of America’s top ranking supplement categories, with some estimates reporting that nearly a third of all American adults (which is approximately 106.3 million) take some kind of vitamin supplement regularly. Continue reading

Savoring Summer: Flavoring Your Sports Supplement for the Summer Market

Savoring Sun: Flavoring Sports Supplements for Summer

The snow has melted, the air is getting warmer and the days are getting longer. For those of us who live in the world of dietary, nutritional, and sports supplements, all of these signs point to one thing – time is running out for brand owners looking to bring their sports supplements to market this summer. Continue reading

3 cGMP Tips for New Supplement Brand Owners Looking to Start Production

3 cGMP Tips for New Supplement Brand Owners Looking to Start Production

cGMPs or GMPs are the FDA-established good manufacturing practices that have come to shape the dietary supplement industry. Even though the FDA isn’t responsible for enforcing these best practices (audits are the responsibility of third-party organizations such as NSF), for companies and brand owners looking to bring products to market, working within current GMP guidelines is paramount. Continue reading

NSL Tips for Creating an FDA Compliant Dietary Supplement Label

Tips for Creating an FDA Compliant Supplement Label [INFOGRAPHIC]

We’ve said it before, and we’re sure to say it again – label and package design should be a top priority for every dietary supplement brand owner. Dedicating the necessary time, effort, and resources has the potential to pay off tenfold. Continue reading

NSL_Sugar based and artificial sweeteners

War of the Sweeteners: Sugar-based vs. Artificial

Over the last few years, the conversations and discussions surrounding sweeteners (sugar-based or otherwise) have come to dominate the nutritional scene. For brand owners and other manufacturers of products, including dietary and sports supplements, deciding between sugar-based, artificial, and alternative sweeteners for each product in their arsenal is no small task. Continue reading