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NSL Blog - EBOOK - Plant Proteins in 2018

Last updated: February-18,2022

PLANT PROTEINS IN 2018: Trends You Won't Want to Miss [FREE eBOOK]

According to a recent Nielsen global survey, nearly a quarter of all consumers – 23 percent – want to see more plant-based proteins on store shelves.

That same report found that even though only 3 percent of Americans report following a vegan diet, an impressive 39 percent still reported that they were actively trying to incorporate more plant-based foods and proteins into their diets - ultimately driving home the idea that going plant-based isn't just for vegans and vegetarians anymore.

In light of this up swing in consumer interest, knowledge, and demand - it should come as no surprise that the dietary supplement and protein supplement marketplaces are in the middle of a plant-based protein renaissance!

That also happens to be why we decided to hone in on all things plant protein for our latest ebook, "Plant Proteins in 2018: The Trends You Won't Want to Miss."

Here's some of what you'll find in our ebook "Plant Proteins in 2018"...

  • Top Plant Protein Supplement Trends
  • Plant-Based Ingredients "Rising Stars"
  • Consumer Lifestyles Driving Demand
  • Marketplace & Industry Growth Statistics

So, what are you waiting for? Download your free copy of this digital ebook today!

Click here to download your free copy of our digital ebook "Plant Proteins in 2018"!


June 22nd, 2018

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