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Popular Organic Health Products

Last updated: April-10,2020

Popular Organic Health Products

Organic Health Products

Organic health products are perceived to offer more health value for one's money. With more health-conscious people looking for chemical-free nutrition, this is one industry that has proved to be recession-proof. A look at the sales figures during the recession period shows that more Americans spent their money on organic products, in spite of a dwindling economy.

Ever since the National Organic Program was published in 2000, the organic health products industry has quickly grown and was valued at $26.6 billion in 2009. In the non-food segment, organic supplements are leading sales figures at $634 million. This figure represents 35 percent of the total organic non-food category. Sales of organic supplements have experienced unprecedented growth in the past few years. Sales in 2009 were 12 percent higher than in 2008. Some of the more popular organic health products include organic multivitamins, organic protein powder and organic bodybuilding supplements.

Independent consumer surveys show that an "Organic Certified" label on a supplement is considered to have premium worth. Most consumers identify organics certification with stringent manufacturing processes and commitment to higher integrity.

Which Supplements Are the Most Popular to Manufacture?

Organic Multivitamins - Organic multivitamins are popular  because consumers believe they maybe more easily absorbed in the body. They can be manufactured in versatile formulas depending on your audience and can be made in diverse delivery forms such as powders, tablets, capsules or chewables. Organic multivitamins for children and organic supplements that support immunity are also gaining in popularity.

Organic protein powders in a variety of flavors - Organic protein powders are made from organic soybeans or whey protein and can be manufactured into a variety of organic fruit or chocolate flavors.

Other popular organic health products include:

  • Organic lip balms made from natural beeswax and other organic ingredients
  • Organic Acai berry powder that uses Acai berries that are freeze dried. This method preserves the maximum ORAC value of the Acai berries
  • Organic bodybuilding supplements because the ingredients used in these products are better absorbed by the body
April 11th, 2010

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