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Recap: The FDA's Nutrition Facts Labeling Webinar

Last updated: August-20,2019

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Recap: The FDA's Nutrition Facts Labeling Webinar

Yesterday, June 27th, 2016, the FDA hosted an hour-long webinar dedicated to the (now finalized) changes that are being made the nutritional facts panel. Here's what you missed...

Key Takeaways from the FDA's June 27th Nutrition Facts Labeling Webinar

1 - The final rule has been made.

From the very beginning of the webinar, the presenters reiterated the fact that last month (on May 27th), the final rule on the changes had been made and published to the Federal Register.

Picture of a gavel in a courtroom with an American flag in the background The FDA published the final rule for the new nutrition facts panel to the Federal Register on May 27th, 2016.

The final rule outlines, in full, the changes that manufacturers will need to make to food nutrition facts panel and dietary supplement facts panels. Coming in at an impressive 259 pages, the revised and finalized docket – though it may seem somewhat intimidating at first glance – has been organized in an undeniably clear and logical way.

For those interested in reviewing the docket first hand, we recommend viewing it here, on the Federal Register's official site. Along with displaying the complete final rule, the top of the page includes a number of additional (and incredibly helpful) links and reference points - including a link to 21 CFR 101 (which many in the nutraceutical industry have come to recognize as one of, if not the most important piece of dietary supplement legislation).

For those interesting in reviewing the changes that have been made to the dietary supplement fact panel, in particular, you may want to start your reading at Section P.

2 - The FDA has provided a number of different resources on the changes. What's more, the FDA plans to continue providing industry professionals with additional materials to help ease the transition.

FDA_Nutrition_Facts_Final_Rule_Resources (1)As of now the FDA's provided a considerable amount of supplementary (pun intended) resources on the new nutrition facts label – including several different press releases, web and PDF copies of all the official documents, and a number of graphic aids. Many of these aids can be found here, on the FDA's official website.

Though each resource may not cover the changes in full, the currently published pieces do provide insight into specific areas of the changes. What was made clear during the webinar was that, at least at this moment in time, it is the FDA's full intention to continue drafting and publishing secondary materials to help ease the transition to the new labels.

3 -Those with additional questions have been encouraged to contact the FDA via a specifically designated channel.

FDA_Nutrition_Facts_Final_Rule_Contact_EmailThis was probably my favorite takeaways from the webinar. Also mentioned in the last slide of the Final Rules to Update the Nutrition Facts Panel PowerPoint,  the FDA has designated an official email address for all and any questions concerning the new nutrition facts panel: NutritionProgramStaff@fda.hhs.gov.

Those looking for additional information or clarification on the new rules have been given an official channel for their questions (which I personally feel is an excellent move on the FDA's part).

Still interesting in learning more?

Along with checking out the FDA's official sites and publications, you may also be interested in reading our coverage of the new nutrition label prior to the final ruling (which you can do by clicking here). Along with examining some of the changes that will affect dietary supplements in greater detail, we've also provided links to additional FDA resources.

It's also worth mentioning that, according to the web page for the webinar, the FDA has plans for releasing an official recording at some point in the near future.

June 28th, 2016

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