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Supplement Packaging and Label Design Customer Success Story

Last updated: December-30,2021

Customer Success Story: Refreshed Packaging and Label Design Results in Increased Sales and Improved Brand Recognition

NutraScience Labs helped its existing client, an up-and-coming nutritional supplement company, redesign their dietary supplement labels. Their supplement line consists of 20 innovative products with multiple flavors in diverse categories, including low and high stimulant pre-workout formulas, multivitamins, and essential amino acids (EAAs) for hair, skin, and nails.

The Situation

We have provided this client with best-in-class contract manufacturing services for several years. In this particular case, our client asked for our help in redesigning their supplement labels.

The original packaging label was busy with bright colors. The client intended to simplify their artwork and use muted shades and tones.

The requirement consisted of designing eye-catching, FDA-compliant supplement labels universally accepted by all genders while also offering a clean and modern look for their brand.

Our responsibilities were to offer technical support for the associated FDA requirements and balance them with the print specifications of our presses.

The Challenges

Our client approached us with ideas about how they wanted their product packaging and label design to look. That in itself is challenging because there is a limited scope of what you can and cannot say on a supplement label. We even had a few instances where the client would request minor changes to the label design that would take days or weeks to complete under normal circumstances.

Managing their expectations and lead times throughout the process was a priority for our team.

Our Approach

Throughout our contract manufacturing relationship, the client viewed us as an extension of their business. The mutual trust we built served as the foundation for this project. They knew our team was willing to go above and beyond to assist them. 

Our Art Director, Christopher Bennett, guided the client in the right direction. He worked closely with them to ensure the finished design was compliant with the current FDA guidelines for labeling dietary supplements. Additionally, he made design suggestions to ensure the new artwork remained on brand.

Solutions We Provided

Christopher collaborated with the client and our print vendors to ensure their changes took only hours to complete instead of days or weeks. Further, to save time, we proactively assumed the responsibility of formatting labels as per FDA compliance instead of waiting for the client to say so.

Another suggestion Christopher made was to add spot gloss finishes to the supplement label design. We kept the spots to a minimum to achieve the right design balance without overpowering it. We also proofread the final artwork to ensure it complied with the FDA requirements for sizing. Additionally, we also verified that all the product claims being made on the label were valid.

Best of all, the new eye-catching labels stayed around the same price point as the original ones!

The Result

With over eight decades of nutraceutical industry experience to its credit, NutraScience Labs provided its client with eye-catching and FDA-compliant supplement packaging and labels designed to help make their products stand out in today's competitive market.

After updating the labels and rebranding their products, the client witnessed a sizable increase in brand recognition. Additionally, they have released ten new products into the market besides being one of the top-selling dietary supplement brands on Amazon.

Are You Looking for Eye-catching and FDA-complaint Supplement Packaging and Labeling Solutions?

NutraScience Labs possesses over 120 years of nutraceutical industry experience. We specialize in providing new and established brands with best-in-class supplement contract manufacturing, packaging and labeling, and fulfillment solutions.

To learn how we can help you get the message on your supplement bottle noticed, call us at 855-492-7388 or send us your request for a free price quote.

June 8th, 2021

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