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Study Shows Rose Hips Health Benefits for Overweight Individuals

Last updated: August-29,2022

Study Shows Rose Hips Health Benefits for Overweight Individuals

Rose Hips Health Benefits

The number of overweight people around the world by 2015 will be a colossal $1.5 billion. 1 As the numbers make their way towards unprecedented global records, research continues its rigorous efforts in testing ingredients to help find solutions to help individuals maintain a healthy weight.

Scientific research has already made significant progress to meet this urgent need, producing an array of nutrients that may help support health weight loss, in conjunction with a balanced diet and exercise. Scientists have been able to identify certain foods containing bioactive ingredients that may promote cardiovascular health and help the body in other metabolic functions, amongst which, rose hips extract holds promising results.

Cardiovascular Benefits of Rose Hips Extract

A recent study highlights the benefits of rose hip extract on cardiovascular health. After experimenting on mice, researchers in Sweden and Norway studied the effects of rose hip on humans, specifically overweight individuals.  Various health markers were assessed of 31 individuals, who participated in this randomized, double-blind, cross-over study. The group given a daily drink containing 40 grams of rose hip powder recorded improvements in markers of cardiovascular health. According to the researchers, cardiovascular health in the group given a daily rose hip drink was reduced by 17 percent when compared to the control group. 2

Health Benefits of Rose Hips Extract

Rose hip, the pseudofruit of the rose plant, has been used for its medicinal value for many centuries because of its high ascorbic acid content. The fruit contains high amounts of antioxidants (ascorbic acid), phenolic compounds, and carotenoids. The benefits of rose hips extend well beyond its antioxidant benefit, however. The extract possesses well-established effects and has been shown to support joint comfort. 3-6

While scientists have not been able to understand the mechanism by which rose hip extract is able to support healthy cholesterol levels already within a normal range, it may be due to the high fiber content of rose hip, which corresponded to a daily intake of 31 grams of fiber.  Other studies have demonstrated that an increase in fiber intake may be associated with improved cardiovascular health.

Weight and Its Health Implications - A Growing Concern

According to the World Health Organization, the rate at which the number of overweight individuals is rising is expected to increase health care costs by $117 billion a year in the United States alone.

According to a recent Frost & Sullivan report, rising healthcare costs along with growing awareness of health issues is helping to bolster the use of nutraceutical products as preventive measures against common health issues consumers are facing today. 7 According to Technical Insights Research Analyst Bhavatharini Rajesh, "Significant volumes of scientific studies have proven that nutraceuticals may be beneficial..." He further states, "A higher awareness level is the key driver for companies in the nutraceutical space to develop natural products enriched with vitamins, minerals, proteins, fibers and more."

Manufacturing Rose Hips Supplements

Although the mechanisms by which rose hip extract works are not yet fully understood, the study still holds important implications for health. As reported by Frost & Sullivan, food intervention is fast becoming a popular means for weight management. Rose hip extract may be a cash ingredient in dietary supplements and as a food additive in products aimed at improving cardiovascular health.

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January 15th, 2012

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