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Last updated: April-15,2020

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Summer 2017 Fundraiser Recap: NutraScience Labs Supports Wounded Warrior Project®

Earlier this month we wrapped up our annual summer fundraiser. The NutraScience team was proud to stand behind the Wounded Warrior Project®. Over the course of three months (from July 7th through September 30th), our staff was able to reach the organization's $1,000 fundraising goal - all of which will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project®.

Team NutraScience: Raising Funds for Wounded Warrior Project®

While the charity and cause may change from year to year, the continued success of the annual NutraScience Lab's fundraiser is built around our team and our indispensable network of family, friends, and clients.

Once again, we’re thrilled and honored to be working with an organization devoted to supporting those among us – and the families of those among us – who’ve dedicated their lives to serving this great nation,” said Vincent Tricarico the firm’s Vice President of Contract Manufacturing. Mr. Tricarico then continued, “Any organization would be proud to say that they’ve offered their support to the Wounded Warrior Project® – and NutraScience Labs is no exception.”

Highlights from this year's fundraising run included NutraScience's “Casual for a Cause” office rules. This staff favorite makes the most of the summer weather while making it that much easier to donate to a great cause (Rule Breakdown: Employees donate $5.00 for each day they wear shorts or business casual into the office with the option to "pay in advance" for a week's worth of outfits).

Though it shouldn't come as surprise to anyone who's ever witnessed how food and snack-driven the NSL office is, another key (not to mention delicious) highlight from this year's fundraiser was an eat your fill ~ for a small donation ~ taco and burrito lunch hosted in the main NSL conference room.

The donated funds will help ensure that the men and women who have served our country continue to have a lifetimes’ worth of free access to the skill-developing resources that will help them to transition into the civilian workforce. One such resource, the Warriors to Work® program, provides wounded veterans with career guidance, resume assistance, networking opportunities, and more. The skills that these resources teach and develop ultimately help warriors find meaningful careers and afford them the ability to support themselves and their families.

To learn more about the programs currently being offered by the Wounded Warrior Project®, please visit: http://www.WoundedWarriorProject.org.

October 16th, 2017

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