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Gene Bruno Appeared on the Health Supplement Business Mastery Podcast

Last updated: December-30,2022

Gene’s appearance on the Health Supplement Business Mastery Podcast

The supplement industry is constantly evolving, which means new ingredients and delivery methods are used to create exciting products. In a recent episode of the Health Supplement Business Mastery Podcast, our Vice President of Scientific and Regulatory Affairs, Gene Bruno, MS, MHS, RH(AHG), shared his expert insights about the latest ingredient trends in the supplement manufacturing industry and tips for how new and established brand owners can expand their product lines.

Here are a few key highlights from his conversation with Bobby Hewitt, host of the Health Supplement Business Mastery Podcast:

Trending Ingredients

Gene emphasizes while the trending ingredients may not be new to the market, they have gained popularity in recent years, making them ones you need to consider adding to your new or current formulas. Vitamin K2 is one such ingredient; it has shown fascinating results in maintaining bone health and even keeping calcium out of the arteries. Resveratrol is another trending product known for its potent antioxidant formula and ability to support cardiovascular health. He adds Asterzanthum is another popular ingredient with multiple applications, mainly in the skincare and anti-aging industry, making it another ingredient brand owners should consider adding to their products.

Be Different

What will you do to set your products apart from your competition? Many brands take established products and try to copy their formula to create similar ones. However, by offering something different with the same trending ingredient, Gene believes they can attract more buyers. Postbiotics are one of his favorite ingredients because brands rarely include them in their formulas; as the metabolic by-product of probiotics or thermally treated probiotics, they are more stable and easier to use in dietary supplements. You can also use them in different delivery forms, like chocolates. Recently, the use of gummies has also increased, showcasing the growing interest in alternative delivery forms.

Try Different Formulas

Gene encourages brand owners to research different ingredients to use in popular products. Terrific examples include immunity, stress, and sleep products. Consumer demand for these products surged nearly three years ago due to the pandemic, and the market quickly became saturated. Instead of copying and pasting an existing formula, brand owners should work with a formulation expert and a reputable contract supplement manufacturer to blend different ingredients with various mechanisms of action and results to produce a more substantial overall effect. Doing so will put your brand at a competitive advantage.

Effective Marketing

The more exposure your product gets, the more likely it will be successful. I would advise all brand owners to advertise their products where their target audience spends the most time. A perfect example nowadays is social media. Test one platform or several at once, measure performance against your key performance indicators and proceed with what works best. Consumers nowadays purchase from and remain loyal to brands and products they can relate to most.

Advice For New Brand Owners

If you are new to the market and want to create your supplement, you need to know your brand and avoid being all over the board with your products. Gene believes most new brand owners have a story behind them wanting to help other people with their products. According to Gene, incorporating this angle into their marketing strategy would be wise. Another great piece of advice he shares is to try adding ingredients in clinically significant quantities backed by science. These will not only help your customers get better results but also ensure that you get repeat customers.

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December 30th, 2022

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