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Last updated: March-21,2023

Supplement Packaging and Label Design: Putting Your Best Foot Forward in Limited Space

When consumers are browsing the retail shelves for their dietary supplements, the packaging and label design form the first impression of your brand and allow the customers to make assumptions about your brand and product quality. And with the limited real estate available on the small labels – due to regulatory disclosure requirements – you must be strategic and plan what you want to put on your label; because you can either grab target consumers' attention with a well-designed label that triggers excitement or turn people away with an ugly unappealing label.

In the latest episode of Health Supplement Business Mastery Podcast, Vincent Tricarico, Executive Vice President of NutraScience Labs, notes that the supplement branding concepts have evolved over the last 20 years as consumers' needs and expectations have changed. For example, sports nutrition packaging and labels have gone from big, bold, and shiny designs to more muted colors and minimalistic designs.

Modern customers are attracted to clean looks with complementary color pallets that are not only simplistic but also clearly highlight the value consumers can expect. Focusing on things like visual icons and buzzwords instead of "big" scientific words can help you send a clear message to the consumers in your niche. Additionally, forgoing the brand logo in favor of 2D-centric text-based designs can help your label pop and help you connect with the customers, connect your entire product range, and differentiate yourself from the competition.

Further in the podcast, Tricarico acknowledges that using a consistent labeling style across your product range is a relatively new trend but one that is essential to ensure that your brand's core values speak across the board. Then, a consumer using one supplement product can transfer the trusting relationship and quality expectation to other products in your range.

Apart from labeling, the packaging is another key element of your brand's first impression, and you must consider things like your supplement’s formulation, dosage, and delivery method when choosing the right packaging. Additionally, playing around with textures (matt, gloss, or soft touch) can help you create a lux feel to your packaging and differentiate you from the competition. And focusing on eco-friendly biodegradable packaging materials is the way to go with the changing customer expectations.

In short, Tricarico feels that the supplement labels need to be minimalistic to clearly communicate the product value, and the packaging needs to be convenient, eco-friendly, and creative.

You can listen to the full Health Supplement Business Mastery podcast episode here.

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March 21st, 2023

About the Author:

Andrew Goldman

Andrew Goldman is the Vice President of Marketing for NutraScience Labs. In this role, he leverages his 15+ years of B2B inbound marketing experience to develop cutting edge strategies for our firm. A health and fitness enthusiast, Andrew and his team won the 2012 Stevie Award for Marketing Team of the Year. He is also a two-time Best In Biz Silver Award winner for Marketing Executive of the Year and has received other honors and accolades for his website design work.